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Hip Hop facts and events most ya'll don't know about

topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot 3X PLAT

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 12-14-2005, 03:10 AM         #1026
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 SmokieMcPot said
hes not missing the fingers, he has a premature hand. he said it in VIBE.

@ Premature Hand

 12-14-2005, 03:11 AM         #1027
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 Double Deuce said
You have to have a freestyle battle with eminem to get on shady records

If that was the case I would be the new CEO if you know what I mean.

 12-14-2005, 12:29 PM         #1028
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 thaawater said

lol are you aware how much money it cost to release and album?

pressing fee's,beats,promotion,mastering fee's ,engineering fee's,album covers and photo shoots ...the 5 music videos they put out ??

and there are 6 people in the group all spliting a profit at 6 points a piece which eminem dosent even own majors too

I Think you are very wrong there son

he grew up with d 12 and he put them on

a majority of these rappers child hood friends and associates are long gone because fame could get the best of you.

for such a racist guy you would think he would of broke off all relationships to his BLACK FRIENDS ?? when he became famous

lets be serious

d-12 is no where near a sucess

stop writing your own stories and deal with the fact that the rap game in 2005 is opend doors for all angles all races and all countries.

theres a war in iraq/
and your only concern is do irap?/

4millions times lets say about $10.00 = 40 million

and about 20 million if that is gonna go to the labels for all the promotion, distribution, photo shoots, video's, magazines, radio's and etc. That's if the contracts are right

Eminem is automatically gonna get a 20% of that from being the Exec. Producer, plus his producing and artists fees and royalties, the rest of the group has to split what's left.

Eminem is gonna get paid first and no matter what just because he's the CEO of Shady Records....

 12-14-2005, 12:33 PM         #1029
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 tmontana171 said
You n1ggas honestly think deep down eminem hates black people, he put on obie and d12 out of love, hes in RAP MUSIC trailblazed white rappers everywhere (dont even mention vanilla ice or snow)so obviously he aint racist
If Eminem signed a label full of caucasion rappers it would take away from his uniqueness and people would say the other rappers are just clones of him....plus it would not appeal to the majority of the Black Audience

 12-14-2005, 12:41 PM         #1030
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 youngTRACE817 said
yea they were shooting a scene that involved a gun and someone took out the blanks and put real bullets.

Bruce Lee was a great martial artists in real life, but also a rude a$$hole cocaine addict that fornicated a lot.

 12-14-2005, 06:41 PM         #1031
GP Mami 
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shyt is very crazy..Yo did anyone heard of this new cat in tha rap game name Sam Scarfo from tha gorilla pimp records that just signed with Jay Z from Def Jam.. His sht is very original....let me kno????

 12-14-2005, 08:42 PM         #1032
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 Skilllz said
Don't know if this was posted but, supposedly there was a legendary battle at a Canibus concert. The WU vs Canibus.. Straight acapella freestyle, like them old school ciphers. Canibus ripped all of the wu except GZA & killah Priest. Canibus defeated GZA but he didn't OWN him. Now, killah Priest freestyled and about 8 minutes into the sh1t, Canibus threw in the towel and killah still kept on rapping. There is no audio of this, and supposedly GZA spoke on this in some interview.

This is true, after that Canibus, Redman, and Wu-Tang became good friends and respect each other.

 12-14-2005, 08:50 PM         #1033
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 aznduffman said
fact: the first DJ is Kool Herc, a Jamaican and the first rapper is Coke Le Rock, he was white.

The first DJ's did come from Jamaica but the First Rapper Was Not White

 12-14-2005, 08:56 PM         #1034
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 The Mighty Joe said
Where styles originated from....


Busta Rhymes

Treacherous 3, Soul Sonic Force

Treacherous 3

Soul Sonic Force


Bone Thugs

MC Globe, Soul Sonic Force

Globe used old swing and scat style jazz riffs, he would scat on a tape and then write rhymes to his scattin

"Planet rock"
" Lookin for the Perfect Beat"
by:Soul Sonic Force


Dmx, Method Man, Ja Rue

J D L from the cold crush 4 mc's

This is'nt a lyrical style, but a style of vocal delivery and cadence that certain mc's have naturally.

"Old Mc tapes from the 70's"
"Fresh, Fly, Wild, Bold"
by: Cold Crush 4 mc's


Rakim, Nas

Rahiem from Grand Master Flash and the Furious 5 mc's

he did it first.

"The Message"
by: Furiuos 5 Mc's


KRS ONE, Public Enemy

Mellie Mel, Furious 5

Mel was always dropin bombs.

"Worls War 3"
"Beat Street"
by: Furious 5 Mc's


Slick Rick

Grand master Caz, La Sunshine

They did'nt create it, but they had two classic story rhymes that were famous back in the days, that eventually lead to a Slick Rick style

"Fat Lady Rhyme"
by: LA Sunshine

"Eyvette rhyme" Wild Style Soundtrack
by: Grand Master Caz


Jurasic 5, Arsonist

Furious 5, Cold Crush 4, Fantastic 5, and all old school crews from the 70's

This was part of the main formatt of every MC show, rutenes, rhymes, and dance as well

"Wild Style Soundtrack"
by: Various crews

"Flash to the Beat"
Grand Master Flash and the Furious 5 Mc's



Kool G Rap, NWA, Just Ice

These east and west coast MC's expressed there thugish ways on wax

"Straight Outta Compton"
by: N.W.A.

"Road to the Riches"
by: Kool G Rap


Luv Bug Starski, Buzy Bee

back in the days these two mc's were the best at crowd pleasing


Pharoe monch

Kool kieth, Sed Gee (Ultra Magnetic mc's)

this boy Kool Kieth said some of the illest and funniest sh&t

"Ultramagnetic MC's"


Kool Moe Dee, T la Rock, Special K

Kool moe Dee was the epitome of intellect.

"Kool Moe Dee"


Big Daddy Kane, Jay Z

Grand master Caz (Cold Crush 4 MC's),
Whiper Whip (Fantastic 5 MC's)

Caz was the coolest on the mic.



Salt & Pepper (the original Whip, and Data rock, NOT THE GIRLS)
Double Trouble (Lil Rodney c, KK Rockwell)

masters of two man rutenes and trading back and forth

"Double Trouble "
Wild Style Soundtrack
What About Jaz-O & The Originators for Fast Rhyming & MC Ren spit a couple of tongue twists on some of N.W.A. old sh1t such as "Just Don't Bite It"

 19 years ago '05        #1035
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Ghostface fu#ked Mase up so bad, Mase had to get his jaw wired

 12-14-2005, 09:06 PM         #1036
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 clarence1986 said
On 'Why You Turn On Me' Pac says he was r@ped

What he actually says is "They Say I Got r@ped In Jail, Picture That/ [Then Laughs] Revenge Is A Payback, bi#ch, Getcha Gat!/"

 12-14-2005, 09:55 PM         #1037
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 Venom2k2 said
steady b (boogie down crew) and his rap partner (forgot his name) robbed a bank once their record relations went sour and they were dead broke. durring the bank robbery, his partner in crime accidently shot a female officer, sending steady b and the other dude to 75+ years in prision i think.

going along with that esham beat down story:

bizarre once scraped with esham in detroit, the result was esham had a ruptured eyeball, concusion, and loss of hearing in his left ear.

ras kass accused Alchemist of sellin the same beats more then once

The RZA stole most of his early producing tools (keyboard, etc.)

The same girl who broke RZA's virginity taught him how to play chess.

Masta killa started rapping not long before he joined the Wu.

GZA didn't want to be on TRIUMPH after he heard Inspectah Deck's verse (I think it was Inspectah Deck). GZA was so blown away by his verse, that he felt he couldn't touch it all.

Tommy Boy Records took HOUSE OF PAIN over the WU-TANG CLAN

The Sugarhill Gang was originally a boy band.

Kool Keith has spent time in a mental hospital

mobb deep use to be known as poetical prophets and did afrocentric rap.

willie dee from the geto boys knocked out grandmaster melle mel in a bronx boxing tournament.

Bushwick Bill's girl shot him in his head, popping his one eye while she was on some drugs. Bushwick Bill survived and that's the reason why he has that eyepatch.
Bushwick Bill does also live in a trailor and travels around the country.

biggie was suppose to leave LA early to promote in london but decided to stay in LA because he enjoyed the city. he was then murdered.

mr.lif use to be a second grade teacher.

mase was the first rapper to get a million dollar contract.

kool keith and dmx use to collect bugs

krayzie bone is a jehova's witness.

dre didn't like snoop's rapping at first when they met.

krayzie bone is singing "gangsta party" on the track but was uncredited.

canibus is allergic to sea food.

just blaze got into producing to buy video games.

swizz beats was gonna be taught how to produce by irv gotti but irv never got around to it, so swizz learned on his own.

suge knight told jermain dupri to leave in five minutes when they met at a nightclub.

beanie Seagil use to own a hot dog stand.

eminem took young zee and pacewon's verses off amityville because they wouldn't change them.

young zee and rah digga are married and have a child together.

the outsiderz use to let eminem sleep on their floor when he was broke.

kid rock sent a demo to bad boy and nelly sent a demo to rocafella and so so def, both were turned down. the a&rs at roc-a-fella and bad boy were then fired.

mc hammer apparently dissed redman in a track somewhere.

dmx thought biggie was soft seeing biggie act playful in the studio.

twista's first two albums went gold with nearly no promotion.

proof use to be an eminem hype man.

RZA cut up about 7 records to make "Knowledge God" on Raekwon's debut.

Raekwon and Biggie had beef, but it never escalated

Method man used to work at the statue of liberty for $120 a week.

A source artist (pictures and stuff) was going home one day when a black van pulled up (Wu-tang) and Masta killa asked if he was somebody and he said yes,then he was punched by masta killa and was told

camron use to have IBS (irital bowel syndrome) which causes the person to have uncontrolable bowel movments. durring a preformance of horse & carrige camron **** himself and ran off stage. jimmy kimmel made cracks about it when cam was on the show.

Tupac once heard a group of people were looking for him, so he went home, strapped his a$s with every gun he had, knocked on their door, and yelled, "YOU LOOKIN' FOR ME?". They respected him for that...

Jay-z info

Jay-Z has one brother and two sisters.

He was raised in the (infamous) Marcy Projects.

He attended the same Brooklyn high school as Biggie Smalls and Busta Rhymes.

Shawn's parents got a divorce when he was 12.

Before blowing up, Jay-Z worked as a cashier at a Kentucky Fried Chicken where he met future collaborator, Memphis Bleek .

Shawn started hustling at the age of 16 to help finance his love of making records.

His first recordings were with underground sensation Big Jaz.

Jay-Z didn't have any substantial success until he did for himself. At the urging of entrepreneur Damon Dash (fiancée to the late Aaliyah), Jay-Z set-up a Roc-A-Fella imprint in 1996 with Dash and Kareem "Biggs" Burke as partners.

cam had a scholarship to go to school for playing basketball.

redman and methodman met at a kriss kross album release party.

scarface was ordered to stop touring after his heart attack but kept doing shows.

in honor of OJ simpson, doris jackson (cube's mom) named cube o'shea jackson so his innitals would be OJ.

dr.dre's name came from julius irving, his favorite basketball player.

missy elliot scored 170 on her IQ test, certified genius.

when ice cube was 16 he was in a group called CIA and dre produced for them.

eazy-e was going to work at the post office if rap did not work for him since he wanted to live legit.

swifty replaced bugz after he died.

redman whooped a sound technican's a$s when he had technical problems with his tv the technician would not cover.

Big Lurch aka Antron Singleton, rapper from Texas was recently served with life sentence in prison. This is due to the tearing open of 21 year old Tynisha Ysais' chest and eating of her lung, brutally killing her her under the influence of PCP. And yes, this is really true!!

Nas recorded his first demo tape in 1989.
Heads started referring to Nas as "Nasty" and it became his nickname.

Busta Rhymes called the police when his ex-girlfriend?
came to his crib with a copy of keys and did 2000+ dollars in damage.she also pulled out busta's current girlfriends hair.

Prodigy has sickle cell anemia

Masta killa once punched out a reporter for NBC (just before Wu-Tang Forever dropped). The reporter asked him "when is you next album coming out?", and he replied "when you wake up" and knocked them out.

The Gza doesn't do solo performances.

ODB was once arrested for stealing a shoe (not a pair, just one shoe).

Joe Buddens brother pulled a gun on him over a sandwich

I slept with Christina Milian >_>

Soulja Slim was once signed to Cash Money records

If I remember correctly on a s3x skit on Biggy Smalls "Life After Death" he was actually in the studio bangin some chick.

The Only Built 4 Cuban Linx title comes from the chains that Rae and Ghost use to rock.

The real name of OB4CL was "Only Built For Cuban Linx Ni**az",

eminem was robbed by someone who cooked an egg in his house and accidently left his coat. the robber came back to get the coat.

nas's full name is Nasir bin olu dara jones

Camron pulled a gun out on his doctors because he kept coming to the hospital and he was never told what was wrong with him (I need to do that one day).

Brotha Lynch always claims to be "half dead" because he was shot in the head, and they can't find the bullet.

During A Tribe Called Quest's peak, they were making a very decent amount of money from record sales, shows and appearences, but Q-Tip still had to sleep on his Mother's living room floor because he had no money after paying agent, manager and lawyer fees.

Necro, and his brother Ill Bill were raised by their Uncle Howie, who would shoot up heroin everynight and pass out in front of them.

It only cost Benefit $27.00 to make his (first and only) album. and he got $5,000 for winning a Napster contest ran by Chuck D.

Cage made his first album "Movies For The Blind" while working at Burger King, high on PCP.

MCA from The Beastie Boys had a fling with Madonna.

Violent J of ICP used to **** his pants quite often during school, then would be eventually chased around campus with his soiled underwear by bullies.

The Common/Ice Cube beef started over one single line in one of Common's songs. The line wasn't even directed towards the west coast negatively. There really was no big beef between the two rappers, which is why the beef simply ended after a sitdown talk.

50 cent put on a restraining order on all of murder inc after he was stabbed in the studio by Black Child.

That's enough for now...got some more saved on my comp, which I'll post tomorrow or later.

Again, same with my first post in here..credits to the guys who gathered such infos, big up!
And props are still appreaciated!

True I read 10% of this from old interviews, and 90% from the Beef Collection

 12-14-2005, 10:19 PM         #1038
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 stitch said

Edit : You posted 11 times in a row. :banghead:

I was posting as I read this entire thread, responding to various posts on several pages individually.

 12-15-2005, 04:58 AM         #1039
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dont know if it tot true but i heard mob deep got robbed in their own hood

 19 years ago '05        #1040
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(1)heather hunter has known primo for years and actually used to cypher with lil dap and melachi of group home.....she figured with her pr0no exposure she could sell records so she started spitting but has an army of ghost writers......

(2)Mobb deep met in art and design high school in the city and hav was originally planning to run up on p for his walkman but mutual friends interfered...Their first album juvenile hell had beats by large professor and a track by primo called "cop hell" that was dropped from the album due to ice-t's cop killa controversy(sick track though)
(3)treach from naughty by nature has had beef with everyone from twista(claims he was lifting his flow)to jermaine dupri(claims that jump sh*t from kriss kross came from their shows)and has had numerous friends who he's lost to death including two of his closest road dawgs,2pac and eazy e
(4)Queen latifah's brother lance was a state trooper who was a motorcycle fanatic who lost his life when he lost control of his bike during a ride....she wears one of his motorcycle keys as a pendant on a chain on every anniversary of his death.....
(5)Sticky fingaz and fredro starr are cousins who used to work in nu-tribe barber shop in gertz mall in jamaica queens
(6)redman started off in a group with do it all from lords of the underground and they broke up.Believe it or not he was the DJ in the group.Red found erick sermon in a club and freestyled for him and got him signed....tame one from artifacts is also his cousin......
(7)ice cube and del the funkee homosapian are also cousins and is rumored to have wrote for cube back in the day......
(8)khujo from the goodie mob feel asleep at the wheel after a video shoot of 23 hours and had his leg amputed....
(9)B.I.G and raekwon did have beef with each other and called big out on the shark n1ggaz skit for ob4cl for biting nas' album cover and stealing some slang and claiming it as his....ghost brokered a truce between big and rae and there's even a video of rae and ghost recieving the newz about bigs death in LA that same night where they were promoting wu tang forever with ghost and rae despondant and in shock........
(10)suge knight and petey pablo are rumored to have become very cool with each other when suge strong armed petey's way out of his long term contact with jive where he was getting r@ped for his loyalties and publishing.timbaland had gotten him signed there and petey was upset that most of his budget went to cover timbo's production fees and even after two semi successful albums he was still in debt to the label.Petey was also signed briefly to def squad but had a falling out with erick sermon and was released and have not spoken since.......
(11)memphis bleek has the most f*cked up hairline in america.that is why you have never ever ever seen him in public without a cap or doo rag....i'll give you a cookie if you can produce a photo and prove me wrong......
(12)Erick sermon,one of the dopest producers ever,was dropped from j records after having one of the RIAA'S(recording industry association of america)most played radio single ever 'MUSIC".....The reason?the marvin gaye sample was the most expensive lift ever and whatever profit the song made was used to pay the publishing of the song to it's license holders....that and ericks dive from a 3 story building led to a quick release...P.S....the only producer to have EVER produced a record for erick sermon?.......just blaze-"react".........
(13)threat from jay-z's black album was done by 9th wonder on the spot...jay told him he had hundreds of beats to choose from and if he could lace some heat using a sample of r'kelly's threat in 30 minutes he would put him on the album.......9th opened his laptop,downloaded the file,and introduced the world to fruity loops and his expert chopping and filtering...by the time jay came back from a memphis bleek session the song was done and 9th made the album......
(14)RZA's first classics from the wu were made in staten island firehouse studio and 36 chambers studio which was a basement in rza's crib...all of the beats that were to be used on every clan members follow up album to their solos was destroyed in a severe flood in his basement....he had to start from scratch and he said he was forced to start using live instrumentation cause he forget the names of the samples he had used for the tracks and he couldn't do them again exactly the way he wanted too again.......
(15)mathematics,the wu producer and official dj for method and rza is from 40 projects and can be found in baisley and gets mad respect from the area for being a real thorough and humble dude..........
(16)primo is originally from texas and attended prairie view a&m university and moved to his adopted hometown of brooklyn in 1989.his original DJ name.waxmaster c(the c is for chris his first name.......)

those are my contributions......got more but i'm tired of typing

Last edited by GROUCHCARTEL; 12-16-2005 at 02:28 AM..

 19 years ago '04        #1041
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^^ mad props i had heard sticky fingaz workin at gertz back in the day, my cousin used to work at the basement level in the food court.

good read tho

 19 years ago '05        #1042
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alright round 2...korrupted^^^ what up son...here we go......
(1)LL cool J and jaime foxx got into a fist fight when jaime tried to upshow ll while filming.Jaime was trying to embarass LL during a scene in the first game where jaime comes in off the bench to be the QB for the first time...he called ll out and LL stepped to him,they had words and cool j snuffed him right above his eye....jaime was thisclose to suing cause he felt a scar could ruin his career but was talked out of it and received a settlement to drop the case......spoke on it during his comedy show but never tells the real reason...ll is a p*ssy though but fronts and uses his position in the game for leverage with the industry cats......
(2)Nas was discovered by large professor and nas to this day holds undying loyalty to him and still work together on projects.....akinyle used to take a young nasir to record labels to try and get him signed....mc serch got nas signed to an iron clad deal at columbia that deaded any money to serch if nas jumped from the label hence the reason nas has completed a 10 album deal and is a free agent and the reason that nas does not acknowledge serch or even his own verse on the back to the grill again remix,a serch joint.hov was right about the publishing on takeover though as mc serch is the principal owner of the publishing but also the reason that serch's name is mud in certain circles....
(3)busta rhymes old group leaders of the new school imploded when busta and group member charlie brown got into a wild fist fight when newz broke that busta had inked a solo deal with elektra and that the group would have to take a back seat while he completed his debut.he accused busta of being selfish and stealing his character in the group and busta stated that he was jealous and bitter that he was more talented and loved and that they were checking for busta and not him.....
(4)eve's first label?aftermath but ruff ryders bought out her contract and then aftermath went and got her back when interscope threatened to cut off funding to future ruff ryder projects if they got in the way of her going back to aftermath...Dre looked out for ruff ryders anyway and blessed dee and wah with upper 6 digits to let her go.......
(5)Royce da 5'9 was eminems original hype man and left him in the middle of his tour to cut a solo record with defunct label tommy boy.Royce's manager had criticized dre in a vibe interview and dre had banished em from bringing them to any sessions and royce caught feelings and distanced himself from aftermath right around the time dre was reportedly about to sign royce to aftermath.proof stepped in and em and royce had been at odds since then but have recently squashed any ill will when royce checked in on slim when he was hospitalized for pill addiction...
(6)LiL John's first industry gig?A&R for so so def-jermaine dupri got first dibs to sign him but passed saying that the crunk movement was limited...
(7)2pac only used body gaurds up till the very end..the reason?he didn't trust them saying"why put my life in the hands of a stranger" and rode with his rode dawgs who he had known since his baltimore and oakland days and pac was also known to go places by himself but never ever without a 9 millimeter in his waist and he was certified at the gun ranges being labeled an extremely good shot.Proof?the two armed cops he had shot when they were trying to rough up an innocent black man in atlanta and pac intervened and they drew their guns...he was acquitted cause they were dirty.....gangsta :wow:
(8)Russel Simmons started def jam out of a one bedroom dorm in NYU with Rick Rubin(the white guy who produced jay-z's 99 problems and appears in the video with the long beard)The first acts to def jam were all signed by rick rubin........LL cool J,public enemy,beastie boys and the ruler slick rick and was responsible for getting the geto boys their first deal ever to ricks label def american but were dropped when controversy surrounded their record due to the lyrics........he sold his half to russel when he wanted to start producing rock and country and russel went on to become the mogul he is today....
(9) by the way the first succesful clothing line by a hip hop entrepenuer-phat farm(meaning it is still in production today)
(10)diddy was fired by andre harrel at uptown when puff started being arrogant because he had styled jodeci and mary j blige first joints and kept saying he was the brains at uptown....to avoid problems with puff who was real close with mary and jodeci at the time he let puff take certain acts off the roster with him to start his jump-off bad boy.one of the acts released from uptown?a rapper by the name of biggie smalls....by the way puff was a back up dancer for heavy d and the boyz and in old old videos you can see sean doing the running man and the wop...funny sh*t......
(10)tommy boy was a label rappers regreeted signing to so in the end here's how they got out of their contracts
capone and noreaga-ordered 150 cheesburgers,50 chicken sandwiches,50 heros and numerous other things and had them delivered to the label where they were at and had it sent to the attention of the president of the labels name.A notorious cheapskate,once the order was placed he saw the cost of the order was in the thousands and capone and noreaga went on tour and were informed he had to pay the bill.
out of fear of reprisals from cnn,instead of sticking them with the bill he released them to def jam but only after he got 300 thousand from lyor cohen

naughty by nature opened a duffel bag and released 100 snakes and mice on the floor of tommy boys offices where the president who was a woman screamed for her life and naughty said if she released them she'd call the snakes off.she did and they slid off the label.she considered pressing charges but feared treachs connects and thugs would come after her so she let it be true story.....

(11)the genius first single on cold chillin/warner bros was a bell biv devoe type joint that had gza as a playa
the album is called words from the genious...rza's first official single was on tommy boy as well and his jump off was a song that was called ohhhh we love you rakeem.......he was mad playful on that sh*t
and he threatened the label as well to get off and went on to form wu.........
(12)lil fame and billy danze were originally solo acts when they first got on...a hungry lil fame appeared on a compilation in the early 90's called the hill that's real where he ripped the track up and built a crazy buzz on an otherwise forgetable album.he met billy danze during the recording of it and they bonded and the chemistry was so crazy they formed m.o.p
(13)on that skit on ready to die with BIG and lil kim were she was yelling crazy sh*t like"you kentucky fried chicken eating butter biscuit mothaf*cka" they were supposedly fu#king....they really were.the producer easy mo bee said big told him and the engineers to tape newspaper all over the booths window and kim and big went in there and did their thing.at one point some newspaper slid off the booth and an engineer caught kim's legs in the air and a crazy look at big's mount rushmore crack
easy mo bee fell off his studio chair laughing and they finished the skit and it now a classic.....1.....

damn i got crazy more but my break is over .........1

 12-16-2005, 12:40 PM         #1043
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the two armed cops he had shot when they were trying to rough up an innocent black man in atlanta and pac intervened and they drew their guns...he was acquitted cause they were dirty.....gangsta :wow:

now u can roll somethin up to that one....

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 19 years ago '04        #1044
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You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to GROUCHCARTEL again.

I hit you back up later....mad props fam you got mad interestin sh1t.

 19 years ago '04        #1045
.Mase Da Rula. 
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wow this is mad funny

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Grouch what movie did that picture in your avy come from?

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MegaTON  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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 ItsYaboyJay said
Bruce Lee was a great martial artists in real life, but also a rude a**hole cocaine addict that fornicated a lot.
n1gga please.

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Why isn't this stickied anymore?

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this thread been up for a hot minute and i'm doing chapters now and sh*t now
alright round three is on me.......
(1)Big pun(R.I.P)who used to go by big moon dog punisher was rich before he signed a deal.pun who used to be a slim(for him anyways)250 lbs was awarded settlement money against the city of new york for a lawsuit where he suffered an accident on a playground and suffered severe damage to his leg.He had the case pending since he was a child and at 19 was awarded an estimated half a million dollars.That also led to his passing though as pun swelled up in his later years from heavy eating and living the fast life and he was known in the bx for having some cake(as in money)
(2)trick daddy is one of 27(yeah you heard right) children between his mother and father.his momma has 11 children with 10 different men and his father has 16 with a whole bunch of women
(damn son that child support must be a muhf*cka on his pockets)
(3)quick facts about havoc of mobb deep-his brother killa black comitted suicide in 96.He was a legend in the bridge and one of the main reasons hav could still to this day roll up there dolo with little drama but p is another story....he never ever goes back to 40th or 41st without hav or tragedy khadify(havoc's cousin-yup)because p has gotten into numerous beefs around there over the years and has a rep for running his mouth way too much(why am i not surprised):rolleyes: cormega,littles,iman thug and mussilini from nore's camp have all had scraps with him as well as horse from bravehearts with hav being the dude to have squashed all of them......
(4)O.C trivia-What was his first appearance ever?you gonna have to go back to 91 and look at organized konfusion's(pharoh monch and prince po) fudge pudge single...do your research and holla back....
(5)bumpy knuckles aka freddie foxx and noreaga had some beef back in the day.bumpy called him out on a joint from industry shakedown where he had said "im sick and tired of these rappers saying whut whut"(remember nore after superthug was yelling that on every joint he was on?)nore stepped to him with murder unit(capone was still locked up)and bumpy got real heated and told him"what the f*ck you gonna do about it?matter of fact say that sh*t on a record again and see if i won't come and see you muhf*cka"...nore walked away and tell me if anybody has heard nore in the last 5 years utter one whut whut on any record
bumpy knuckles is a g fam....real talk
(6) Hov and Busta(and B.I.G as well) all attended the same high school in brooklyn..in fact they battled and hov served him...jay was a senior and busta was a freshman

(7)Busta also lost his first son(R.I.P)He was born stillborn and the tat on his right arm is the name he gave his unborn son...
(8)Ready for JIM JONES real name.........agurmella jones
why is that funny?just is...

(9)tupac facts:
Tupac was banned from playing in many states because his concerts were wild. His song Initiated on the Daz CD says "My lyrics so lethal turn coliseums to murder scenes." He was sued by a woman who was shot and paralyzed at a concert he held in 1993. She said he got the crowd to rowdy.

Tupac was married to Keisha Morris but the marriage was nullified. In the unreleased song "Ghetto Star" with Bad Azz he says "an addict for a wife, livin the life, of a ghetto star". She has a Tupac tattoo on her arm.

Stretch was Tupac's friend and was there when Pac got shot the first time. He was later killed exactly 1 year to the date of that shooting. Pac says "and to that n*gga that was down for me, rest his head, switched sides guess his new friends wanted him dead."

Little Known Facts About Tupac's Music:

Tupacs first appearance ever was on Digital Underground's Same Song where he raps wearing West African war clothes in the video.

Tupac started his career on Tommy Boy Records with Digital Underground.

Tupac wrote his hit song "Dear Mama" while in prison.

Tupac was first inspired to rap when a friend of his was killed while he was playing with a gun. His first rap was about gun control.

"I Get Around" was supposed to be on Digital Underground's album. Shock G wound up giving it to Pac and Digital Underground's label, Tommy Boy, wasn't very happy once it turned out to be such a big hit.

"Thug Luv" was just a song that Bizzy, Silk-E-Fine and Tupac were supposed to do but things happened and all of Bone Thugs -n- Harmony came in. Bizzy Bone that Pac came into the studio, wrote his verse in about 10 minutes and then left because he had to go model for Versace. Then he came back and sang with them all laid back.

Tupac had s3x with almost all the women during the filming of the X-rated "How Do U Want It?" video. He collapsed from exhaustion.

According to K-Ci and Jojo the video for "Toss It Up" was shot the day before Tupac was shot.

The video for "I Wonder If Heaven Got A Ghetto" was filmed in New Mexico.

Hail Mary is I Ain't Mad At Cha Part 2

To Live & Die In L.A. is California Love Part 2

Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z... was supposed to be called Troublesome 21.

"Flex" was supposed to be on Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z... , but didn't make it.

Lost Souls" by Tupac featuring the Outlawz was recorded on July 8, 1996.

"Me And My Girlfriend" is about his gun, not his girlfriend

Hit Em Up 2 is really the original Hit Em Up. And the track we knows as Hit Em Up (the one on the Greatest Hits Album) is really Hit Em Up 2. Hit Em Up 2 (as we call it ) was recorded first.

and that's it for now y'all.............1

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 Skilllz said
Why isn't this stickied anymore?

say something...

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