Watch All Vegas NBA Summer League Games For Free, Live [Links, Info]

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Watch All Vegas NBA Summer League Games For Free, Live [Links, Info]

If you have NBATV, cool, but they do not broadcast the games until the next day. So, if you don't want to wait, or don't have NBATV, you can watch them for free online. They started charging money for this today (sunday) but you can get around this.

If your signed up on NBA.com and simply clicking the "watch" links, you will be asked to pay $5.95 for a day-pass but you can get around this. You need to be signed up on NBA.com to see these "watch" links on the scoreboard. Simply copy the "watch" link location and paste it into your Windows Media Player, from the link provided below, and Voila!

individual game links will only come up as the game is about to begin on the NBA scoreboard.

Here is a link to the full schedule of games for the week:

 http://www.nba.com/summer .. ules/index.jsp

Scoreboard w/ Video Links:

 http://www.nba.com/summer .. scoreboard.jsp

What exact link is needed to watch each game, you ask? Well, as best put by CTre...

 CTre said image
the asx link is what you need.. for example.. go to

 http://www.nba.com/summer .. scoreboard.jsp

and right click on watch.. copy link location and paste into notepad..

you'll get alot of sh*t like

[CODE]javascript:nbaVideo(escape('http://broadband.nba.com/cc/playa.php?content=video&url=http://boss.streamos.com/wmedia-live/nba/9920/500_nba-league_pass_memphis_051201.asx&gid=s3&gid=1520 700003'),escape('blank'));[/CODE]

the asx code is in there in all of that. In this situation it is..

The links go to black during halftime and timeouts, ect. There are no commercials. So wait for it if you click on link and nothing is there. It may take a second for the video to come in also, so be patient. Video quality is very good. The link can be pasted into your browser but will most likely be choppy, so copy the URL into your WMP and wait for it to connect.

Enjoy watching your team's young talent. image

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