40 legit shoe sites

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40 legit shoe sites

40 Legit Sites

Free Shipping, Includes Free Socks

 Amazing Kicks
Has some Rare Air like the Air Jordan II Lows, High Prices

OK Selection, Good Prices, OK Size Range

 Crooked Tongues
Based in London, Rare Jordans

Decent Selection, GOOD PRICES!

 dplayground basketball specialist
Australian dollars


 Got Kickz
Alright Prices, Limited Sizing, OK Selection

 Head Shoes
PayPal, Consigment

 Home Run KicksGood Prices on Some Shoes, Uses PayPal

The official site of the Jordan Brand
 http://kicks-r-us.comGood Selection, Pretty Good Prices

Limited Selection, Good Size Range

 KICKZ 101
OK Selection, Australian Dollars, Still High Prices, Good Sizes

 Kickz Store
OK Selection, High Prices

 Krazy Kickz
Small Selection of Jordans, Limited Sizes, OK Prices, Free Shipping

 Laced Kicks

 Small Selection, Carries Larger Sizes in Some Shoes

Very trustworthy

Higher Prices, Good Selection and Sizes, PayPal

Limited Selection, Not Many Sizes, OK Prices

Really Good Deals in the "Sale" Section

Good selction, Free shipping on 2 or more items!

Also Sells Mitchell and Ness Jerseys, AF1's and Dunks

Carries Some Kids Jordans, Good Selection

 The Shoe Center
Good Selection, Limited Sizing, OK Prices

Decent Prices, and free shipping.

Sells Out Quickly

OK Prices, OK Selection

 Sneaker Lane
Limited Selection

 Sneaker Pimp
Good selection

Not a very Good Selection, Outrageously High Prices for US

 Sneaker Stop
Limited Selection of Jordans, eBay Power Seller, Good Prices

Fast Shipping

 Sole Redemption
OK Selection, Very Good Prices, Free Priority Shipping in US and Canada

A Great New Alternative to eBay, Free Basic Listings, Cheaper Fees

Rare and new latest kicks

Good Selection, FREE SHIPPING!

Relatively High Prices, Good Inventory, Free Shipping

10 Fake Sites


(GR) General release Ė Meaning that they release to the general public such as mall retailer stores and not limited.

(QS) Quick Strike Release Ė Released to certain stores in limited amount of quantities.

Urban Accounts Ė Is a mom and pops store or store that gets limited releases do to how well they sell certain shoes such as Jordanís or Air force Ones.

Mom and Pop store Ė Store not owned by a franchise. Finish line, Foot Action, Foot locker, ect. are not a Mom and Pop store. Mom and Pop Stores are privately owned.

(DS) Dead Stock- Means that the shoes have never been worn nor tried on.

(VNDS) Very Near Dead Stock Ė means they have been worn but casually, and are practically brand new.

10 Legit EBay Shoe sellers
#1 Shoefreaks
#2 Designerathletics
#3 uptempoair
#4 kicks-r-us
#5 Retromon42o
#6 rmkstore
#7 hushone
#8 kobelin1127
#9 shoephitz
#10 pinoplayer69

Tips When Purchasing Shoes Online (EBay)

ē When Purchasing Authentic Jordanís, Air Force Ones, Bapes, Or SBís on EBay there are certain ways you can spot FakesÖ
ē Don't jump on the first deal you see. Do some homework about the seller. If it's an EBay auction, check all the past transactions/sales he has done. If he's got negatives, read what they were about...if you see a trend (not authentic, takes too long to ship, no communication), AVOID THAT SELLER.
#1 Feedback: If there feedback is private, then its never safe because there obviously hiding something. Also if some one says there fake in there feedback then youíll know right off the back.
#2 If the deal looks to good to be true then they are most likely fakes. EX: $50 for a pair of DS XIís.
#3 Make sure they tag there pictures, so you know its thereís. Just because they have real pictures of shoes that may be authentic, doesnít mean its there pictures. Tag pictures mean that they included there user name in with the picture. EX: If there username and tag pictures donít match then ask for more pictures with there username included.
#4 Just because a seller says that the item doesnít mean they are.
#5 I will include my personal email address, if you have any questions about whether or not a shoe is real or if a seller is legit, then email me and ask. I will be more than glad to answer your question. Do not be afraid to email me because I would like to eliminate fakes and prevent you from being fraud.
How to tell Shoes are fake! Fakes and Reals

* The quality of the shoes is different. Fakes tend to fall apart easily.
* Look out for logos such as jumpman or swoosh on shoes. If they look different, then there probably fake.
* Colors. Certain shoes like Jordan have certain colors released. If yoor having trouble trying to figure out whether or not a color has been produced then go to
 www.air-jordans.com They can help big time.
* Fake shoes are often uncomfortable.
*Read the tag. Thatís the part inside the shoes where it states the size. Make sure that the item #ís match. You can see the real item # on
* A great example of Comparing fakes would be with the Nike Air Jordan black/red XXI (21).
Fakes are made with leather and the authenticís made with suede.
If you hold the pod on the side with a black light then there is a secret message on the side with authenticís but the fake ones donít show have that. There are so many other ways to find out how to tell real from fake and Iím here to help you figure that out. I have been collecting/ wear authentic shoes since I was born and research how to spot fakes. Thanks again

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