My experience/knowledge of Flipping Tickets


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My experience/knowledge of Flipping Tickets

I have basically been flipping tickets since I was 14. I got a gig at a chinese joint when I was 14 and I would take my money and buy tickets to, back then, brittany spears, nsync, eminem, anything pop or big named. I only did this sporadically though as I didn't have a lot of money to my name and 1 pair would tie up about 2 weeks worth of pay for me.

Around the 2003 MLB season, I started buying Cubs tickets the day they went on sale. I could by 42 in person (if I placed close to their wristband lottery system they used at the time) and run home and buy 42 more online. tickets went on sale in person at 8am and online at 10am. At the time, I was working part time, but I was in college and receiving financial aid and grants. After school costs, I was cut a check for around $1800. That along with my savings would allow me to buy 80+ cubs tickets.

This was my greatest time selling tickets, as I had a local event and lived a few miles from Wrigley. I did a lot of selling on craigslist and meeting in person. This saved a tremendous amount of money on fees I would have to pay when selling on ebay. I always had them dual listed on craigslist and ebay. I bought as many Saturday games as possible or any games in the summer against rivals/awesome teams. Saturday games are the most profitable because people from out of town will usually fly in friday and out sunday.

During that time, i sold not one ticket for less than double what the ticket cost me. It was insane. The Cubs had not raised their prices to where they are now because they were just getting good again. I would sell some cubs cardinals or cubs white sox saturday games for 4x-6x the money. I did this every year with the cubs until 2009. 2009 sh*t slowed down because of the housing crash in 2008.

I was still selling tickets for profit but only for a 15%-20% profit. Not bad cause it is still free money but not what I was used to.

I started getting more into concert tickets around 2005. I was signing up for all the venues email lists in my city. 300 people venues all the way to arenas. I received all presale information. I would buy tickets on ticketmaster. If a concert was General Admission, I would try to buy it at the venue the day they went onsale to avoid all the butt fu*king fees these sites charge. If the show had reserved seats, I would stay home and pay the fees.

When I would choose a show to buy tickets on ticketmaster, I would have several browsers opened. chrome firefox explorer... I would get 2 tickets on chrome, and let them sit in my cart for the duration of the time they give you. While those seconds are ticking away, I'm searching for better seats on the other browsers. If you use tabs on the same browser, you initial tickets you have in your cart will be released and the new pair would take it's place. Using numerous browsers (even numerous computers with numerous browsers if the performer/band was hot enough) and continue to try and better what I have already had waiting in a cart. I would buy up to the limit allowed if the show was right and my finances allowed me to do so. They straight to ebay and craigslist.

I NEVER sold print out tickets on craigslist. There is no trust from a buyer that those are real. I only sold actual hard tickets I would receive from the cubs (or redsox as I started buying about 10-12 games a year during that same cubs time frame) or tickets from ticketmaster/ticket web/etc. Same went with ebay. Never print outs and you should never buy print out tickets from anyone. I also found I could sell my hard tickets for more money because it was a legit ticket.

Over the last few years, ebay and craigslist have fallen off as an avenue to buy tickets. People enjoy the security of buying off sites like stubhub, seekgeek, nba/nfl/mlb official ticket exchange. So I had to adapt and started selling tickets on those exchanges. I also use ticketmaster's own ticketing exchange at times. There, its actually better to buy print at home tickets and upload them as PDFs on the sites. This allowed the buyer to receive their tickets immediately.

biggest profit: rockies red sox game 1 world series. bought on a credit card for $980 for 2 tickets and sold on ebay for $3800 within an hour of buying them. This time I had to print out tickets on ebay but there was no issues.

biggest loss: bought 2 cubs cardinals tickets for a sunday night game in april. big rivalry but sh*tty weather and sunday night. paid $540 and sold them for $250

biggest surprise: had 6 cubs white sox tickets listed on craigslist. I had just put $200 in the title and didn't explain I wanted $200 for a pair, not per ticket. Guy e-mails me, says they are for clients, when can he pick them up, etc etc. We meet the next day and this guy pulls up in a bmw with some gay vanity plate that said hotshot or ht shot, something like that. We shoot the sh*t for about a minute and then I give him the tickets, and he goes "these are great. it's $200 per ticket, right?" And I looked right at him and said "yup" Paid me and drove off. Was hoping to get $600 and ended up with $1200.

few other things. I went to shows at the venues I would sell that had reserved seating. I would either get there early or stay late and just go to different sections, sit down, and check out the vantage point. This helped a lot when it came to buying tickets. I realized that tickets I wouldn't think of buying actually had a great view and ended up being worth buying. I tried to follow as many bands/performers/etc on social media for tour updates, tour passwords, etc.

This has never been more than a side hustle. I never wanted to pursue it full time because I liked getting what I was getting and didn't have a need for more. If you guys have any questions, ask away.

In 2016, i started keeping track of my flips in a spreadsheet. and that also ended in 2016 due to a lot of marijuana and lack of interest to keep it going. I also just did my last sales I have done. There are ton of shows that I pass on because it can be a part time job, sometimes working 10-20 hours a week researching, buying, market research, selling, shipping, customer service, etc.

Below are the two spread sheets I have. Wish I had the discipline to have done it for everything.

[pic - click to view]

[pic - click to view]

disclaimer: I proofread nothing

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Dope post. Thanks for sharing.

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Good sh*t I personally wouldn't do it but in NYC this sh*t is definitely doable year round




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