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BX Friendly wagers/ Bet Your Avy!!!

We need to get more people making friendly wagers on these games. Especially the guys who like to talk a lot of smack. I like to talk smack myself and made this wager in week 1 and lost. Here are the rules:

If your team loses you will:
1. Change your avatar to one of your opponent's chosing and leave it that way until your team wins another game. So if your team wins the next week you can change it back to your liking.
2. Create a post admitting that the other team was the better team.
3. You can't post any bad comments about your opponent's team until either your team revenge's the loss or the season ends.

Not required, but good sportsmanship
4. No whining about penalties and blown calls that might have determined the outcome of the game.
5. No excuses about they only lost by 3 or they would've won if they had won the coin toss in OT.

Since I lost in week 1 and the Packers lost against the Browns, I can't change my avi until they win a game. Since the Packers have games against the Buccs and the Panthers next, it is not looking to good for me.

If you would like to wager in a different sport, feel free to call someone out with your edited rules. If they accept your edited rules for another sport, then it is official.

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