Sep 14 - Johnny Gill and Eddie Murphy...GAY!!!

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Sep 14 - Johnny Gill and Eddie Murphy...GAY!!!

i don't know if this has been posted, but I saw this sh*t and flipped out. So I had to post it.

 http://soulphoto.net/pmac .. /1834_0_1_0_M/

Johnny Gill and Girlfriend Splitting Up. Rumored to be DL Life

Los Angeles—The ex-girlfriend of New Edition and LSG singer Johnny Gill is now speaking out about her recent split up with the singer. She tells Atlanta Gossip, (AG) reporter Tiffany Long that Johnny is struggles with his s*xuality and that Hollywood has put pressure on him to be straight.

“Johnny and I broke up earlier this year after I became curious about his friendship/relationship with actor/comedian Eddie Murphy,” she said. “Johnny and Eddie have always been very close friends, but I could not compete with their relationship. It was strange...I can’t even explain it,” she tell Atlanta Gossip.

Other sources tell (AG) that Johnny Gill is actually living in a guest house on Eddie Murphy’s property in CA. A posting on taken from blackvoices.com entertainment forum says this: Rumors are circulating throughout Hollywood about the Eddie’s divorce battle, I was talking to an industry friend last night 08/15/05, she said, Nicole got sick of putting up with him and Johnny Gill.


People had warned her yrs. ago about the downlow rumors, even one of her close family members, but she chose not to believe it until she witnessed it, Eddie had got to the point where he didn’t care, he often told her, he was the breadwinner and to stop asking him stupid questions about where he was going and who he was with.

He became so brazen, Johnny came over to their house every holiday, sitting at the head of the table with Nicole and the kids. Tevin Campbell, Sugar Ray, Tyler Perry and Shemar Moore are also heavily involved in this scenario, they tried to recruit Mike Tyson (when he had
money) but it wasnt his scene. Johnny is pathetic, he was with all these men and did not benefit, before he reunited with New Edition, he was so broke, he lived in Sugar Ray’s Guest house and I heard his wife wasnt too happy about it.
Sources say at the New Edition Album release party, Johnny got extremely drunk and made a pass at P. Diddy.

They also stated that the following gentlemen are involved in their circle of DL brothers: Arsenio hall, football player Johnnie Morton and Benny Medina. They said that the reason his wife stayed knocked up is so she wouldn’t be suspicious of his extra activities.

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