Oct 2 - Welp Maga throwing subs about a moscow mitch assassination :iseeyou:

topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot 3X PLAT

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 4 months ago '22        #26
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 JalaludinHaqani said
Lol I got mine in December

I'm 37 and everyone thinks I'm late twenties, only thing giving away my age is my prominent grey/white hair and you can't even see it from far away
That has nothing to do with internal health. You don't turn into an old person from the shot. It can injure or k*ll you. Keep an eye out on yourself. Pray over yourself.

 4 months ago '21        #27
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 4 months ago '04        #28
R Dot 
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 ITookTheRedPill said
He's either extremely brainwashed or a paid government agent. I'm leaning towards brainwashed goofball clown.

He's an agent

His other account is@Skateboard LGBQT

This whole site got bought out and is run by them, they suppress threads, comments, even fu*k with how I post, bunch of communist traitors!

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