So Far, Who Is Winning The Davante Adams Trade?

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Who’s is winning the trade SO FAR
Raiders 21 33.33%
Packers 42 66.67%
Voters: 63.   (BX member poll)

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 4 months ago '21        #101
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 klew said
He won a SB without Adams

I'm all for trolling and making jokes, but c'mon man do better
He also had Greg Jennings and Donald driver and better overall receiving core. His comment holds truth. Packers won’t win sh*t this year. You’re looking at wideouts that are going to need a year or two to be good or great. Rodgers might see a Super Bowl again in a year or two but it’s doubtful.

 4 months ago '14        #102
Mr Harrow 
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Man, it's weird engaging with people that are not all there mentally. I just came in here cus I got mentioned.

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