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Mar 12 - JADAKISS: We got tha fu#k 50 Volume 1 mixtape hittin tha streets

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 03-12-2005, 07:34 PM         #1
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Mar 12 - JADAKISS: We got tha fu#k 50 Volume 1 mixtape hittin tha streets

Tha Ave. Entertainment Exclusive Interview With Jadakiss.

TAE: YO what's good it's your n1gga C Gardner . Tha Ave. Entertainment , Target Squad, Dream Night Club. I'm Sitting here with Jadakiss who just ripped Dream apart. What's good my n1gga. We just chillin tryin to find out what's up with tha new album and what's up with 50 Cent ?

TAE: So Jada when's tha next album ?

JADAKISS : Yo Kiss Of Death in stores. Already Platinum. We got tha Styles P album coming out "Time Is Money" Shots Fired that's tha full length song, response for 50 on there. Make sure ya'll get that. S.P's new album, second album.

TAE: Any mixtapes ?

JADAKISS: We got tha fu#k 50 Volume 1 mixtape hittin tha streets. You know we workin . Sheek is in tha lab right now working on his album " After Taxes" that's coming and tha new J Hood album

TAE: What's up with LOX

JADAKISS: Yeah LOX album is coming " Live Suffer Celebrate " and D Block compilation " No Security" You know we just on tha grind.

TAE: OK let me ask you this ? You been in tha studio. How do you feel about 50 ? He came after you , Fat Joe , Shyne , Nas and Ja Rule. So how do you feel about that ?

JADAKISS: Yo Piggy Bank is a very funny song. Yo i laughed when i first heard it. Yo that sh1t is comical . 50's a very good comedian. He's a marketing genius . You know but i'm gonna do my thing, this is my element. This is what i do right here. I'm gonna air him out don't worry about it.

TAE: This is word that i've been hearing. Let me ask you if this is true ? Tha word is that your gonna go on tha radio , internet and cable and challenge 50 to come to vegas to battle you in tha ring to see who's tha best lyricist. Is that true ?

JADAKISS: O.K here we go . I challenge 50 right here. Your getting it first . I challenge 50 for a Million Dollars cash on Pay Per View in Vegas. Tha judges can be Jay-Z , Dre . Wh0ever he wants can be tha judges. A Million Dollars Cash on Pay Per View in Vegas. Anywhere , we can do it in Nigeria if he wants to. A Million Dollars Cash on Pay Per View.

TAE: O.K that sounds good cause he say's that nobody in Nigeria know's who you are. We know that your tha mixtape king and a underground legend. I really hope that this goes down to see who's the best.

TAE: So whats going on with D Block ?

JADAKISS: D Block is up and coming. We got tha Sheek album which is crazy . Thats gonna make us alot of money this year. We got J Hood album coming " Tales From Tha Hood " and tha compilation " No Security " We got those three coming this year. We got tha Styles P album coming first though. You know " Time Is Money " with that " Shot's Fired " for 50. Ya'll make sure you get that.

TAE: I think tha next album that's gonna make tha most money will be tha new Jadakiss album .

JADAKISS: Yeah they just called me today and said that they want to open a budget for a new Kiss album. You know tha title of that will be " Kiss My a$s " So let's do it baby.

TAE: Now there's a quote that i heard from you earlier and i want to put this out there. Here's the quote. You be in tha hood like chinese stores and you open for business 24 hour's a day and you a real n1gga. 50 be riding around in amored truck and he ain't coming to New York cause you be in his hood and he ain't out there.

JADAKISS: Nah he ain't coming no where. He got federal agent's riding with him . Ex Police, ex rat's with him. He got the guy that took down Junior Mafia, Lil Kim running his, he running something over there in G Unit. I don't know. But you know i'm a real n1gga. Tha people love me for being hands on , no security you see that. I can go like this and that and that's why tha people love me. They know i'm a spitter and that's just what it is.

TAE: So officially we just say that your one of tha best lyricist in tha game.

JADAKISS: I don't wanna take all that credit yet, cause my career ain't over yet. I just thank tha fans for tha love that i got and i'm just gonna keep it going. When it's over we'll see what it is but for tha most part i'm here.

TAE: When tha challenge comes out . If 50 shows up ?

JADAKISS: A Million Dollars Cash and i ain't never sell 10 mill. A Million Dollars Cash anywhere he wanna do on Pay Per View. I need Jay-Z , Dre , Jimmy Irvine and Russell Simons to be tha judges.

TAE: What about Chris Lighty ?

JADAKISS: Nah not Chris Lighty. His father is a federal agent . You know Chris Lighty's father is a federal agent. Birds of a feather flock together. We need some neutral judges and we do it.

TAE: In Vegas in tha ring , Pay Per View three rounds.

JADAKISS: A Million Dollars Cash and how ever many rounds he wants.

TAE: On Pay Per View ?

JADAKISS: Pay Per View, UPN, whatever he wanna do.

TAE: You heard it here first . 50, Jadakiss called you out . Tha best lyricist . Off tha top of tha head , no written down sh1t.

JADAKISS: Lets do it . We rap off rain hitting tha window pain.

TAE: What's next ?

JADAKISS: We about to go on tha fu#k 50 tour in a hood near you. So watchout.

TAE: Thanks Jada for taking time to do this interview. We hope that 50 replies.

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