Yíall canít tell me Wayne didnít influence this generation

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 6 days ago '11        #26
Tony Franks  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2
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I was confused from the post cuz i thought it was actually lil Wayne and not Uzi.

 6 days ago '18        #27
Crisco  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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its pretty cOLD in here

 6 days ago '13        #28
THEDONN  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x4
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fu*k this generation

 6 days ago '13        #29
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 6 days ago '21        #30
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 Marrero said
Thug never made his own sound is what I was saying. He went from sounding like Wayne to sounding like Wyclef and still sounds like Wyclef til this day.

Also I said that n*ggas who listen to that type of music dont even listen to Wyclef enough to realize thatís what Thug been doing for years.
I disagree with the Wyclef and him still sounding like him

I def think thug has his own sound now

And at the end if day, I'll listen to thug before Wyclef anyway day if the week

 5 days ago '04        #31
qutaboi225  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x15
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 Scorpz said
And sadly that's why hip hop in the state it is today.. Dude single handedly birthed Generation Fruit.. he held open the closet door for all these new cupcake rappers..
C'mon mane. Wayne aint Atlanta. Wayne aint a Jewish media giant. That would mean he's responsible for funboy agenda in movies, commercials, cartoons, etc. This is MUCH bigger than Wayne. He aint tell them n*ggas to act like this. He just went on a drug binge and did him. Fake a*s rock star sh*t. The Fruit Gods is pushing this. They're the ones that greenlight the behavior.

 5 days ago '17        #32
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Sure did. Went from drug dealer talk to drug abusers. His a*s look cracked out now.

 5 days ago '04        #33
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n*ggas told me Kudi is the guy who influenced this generation.
In 2008 Kudi, Wayne and Kayne each dropped the most influential albums of the last decade and a half. If those three hadnt dropped, this generation's music would look/sound a lot different.

 5 days ago '20        #34
The corrector 
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 S-Class said
I thought that was the general consensus
It is

 5 days ago '06        #35
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wayne cracked out n otw out. They repacking and rerocking the work and sellin to the new generation

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