Did Ghostface put a Halt to Action Bronson's Rap career after this?

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 1 week ago '11        #26
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Bronson been conditioning for a Winter run

 1 week ago '08        #27
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I'm from TX but do cats from NY have a similar accents to ghost and ab?

 1 week ago '05        #28
Flatbush85  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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Not to me...


 1 week ago '13        #29
Hayek  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x3
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He was never relevant outside a few n*ggas online bumping his sh*t

 1 week ago '17        #30
lil boosie vert 
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i like the ghostface interveiw wheres hes counting up how many blunts he smoked in the studio that year

 1 week ago '19        #31
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Bronson doesn't sound like Ghost and YOD doesn't sound like NAS.

People outside of NY don't have the critical listening skills to discern the difference.


 1 week ago '20        #32
Die in Houston  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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He fu*ked up by letting that one n*gga get in his face and made him apologize.

Never apologize for sh*t in hip hop and never let another n*gga test your manhood without repercussions. That’s how you lose respect.

Bronson should’ve tripled down what he said about ghost face. But he ain’t built like that.

He’s better suited for cooking food in the kitchen.

 1 week ago '17        #33
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Im probably the only person that never heard Ghostface in his style or voice. Glad Ghost checked him for disrespecting tho.

 1 week ago '04        #34
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I always could tell the difference,

 1 week ago '16        #35
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Action was dope, dude had metaphors and could rhyme is a*s off. That whole ghost and wu tang thing made him step back from rap. He still up though, with cooking, health and some acting

 1 week ago '21        #36
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 Gordon Gartrell said
nah he put out some of his best music after that
That Nobody Gave A fu*k About,...

 1 week ago '04        #37
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Action let off a stray bullet anyone with a brain in they head knew he didn’t mean it like that

Ghost had to get all righteous like Big Body Bes aint connected

Bunch of beef for nothing tbh and Actions career actually took off after the incident

All in all, pointless

 1 week ago '15        #38
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 Adwerdz said

when ghost says "this n*gga done deleted the tweets!" fu*king k*lls me everytime

 1 week ago '04        #39
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how come other regions dont step to other rappers like NYC does?

like there are 50 lil wayne clones 50 future clones out there etc.

or is authenticity dead? ist it only a NY rap thing?

if anything Ghost should have embraced it more. what was the last significant thing he dropped? he got dropped from Def Jam around the time Bronson came out anyway

 1 week ago '11        #40
Blokka Blokka  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x7
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How you gonna hate on someone for their voice though. Not like he had much choice in the matter

 1 week ago '15        #41
Lord Funkington 
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Action did what every moderately successful rapper should do. Transition his career into other ventures.

 1 week ago '13        #42
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fu*k y’all blue chip 7000 is dope as sh*t

 1 week ago '08        #43
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 1 week ago '15        #44
SSJ4 Goku  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x8
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Ya'll bugging. And this is coming from a fan of both. Bron has book deals, a show, and multiple projects since this dropped.

 1 week ago '04        #45
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naw. action doing well.

sucks when people stir up stuff tho. saying shyne and gorilla tried to sound like BIG, action tried to sound like ghost etc.

let people rap...all them n*ggas is individuals

 1 week ago '18        #46
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Has it really been 6 years already?


 1 week ago '15        #47
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Their styles are completely different. Ghost was just on fire at that time period he was linking up with hipster producers and putting out his best sh*t but it never had mass appeal. AB was never gonna be a top tier artist famous wise dude isn’t built to be one of the industry drones they have now popping up with weirdo kanye in weirdo clothes. Action Bronson always been on that Currensy side of the game fu*king with real ones.

Then a little after Ghost getting word that this Bronson dude was jocking his steez he had that ‘beef’ with Martin Skrelli. All in all it was a pretty pointless happening. AB still put out records, did shows, hot a show and moved on. Bronson is not a malicious dude so it was beef rapp over a vocal inflection.

 1 week ago '17        #48
one il matt 56  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x4
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 bmf24eva said
Literally dropped like 4 albums and starred in 3 seasons of 3 diff tv/internet shows after that...

SMH at n*ggas too stupid/lazy to do a Google Search when they online 80% of their day.

Cats want their stories to be real so bad, they ignore reality

Imagine how many people know Bronson and couldn’t identify a ghostface song even if he slapped him with a Supreme Clientele album

I think Bobby Baklavi will be okay

 1 week ago '04        #49
mt fuji 
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 abstractq said
hes still modestly sucessful as a rapper

but yeah it probably kept him from taking the next step

I could never really look at him the same after he took a cheap shot at starks and i was a pretty big AB fan
I was Mos Def rocking with Boy. Especially considering he was from The Borough.

And yeah, it made me look at him different. Thing is, I never felt like he was trying to bite ghost style, but that hey, he has a similar sounding voice, why not ride that wave a bit....but you give the proper respect.

Dude is dumb nice thought... Rest In Power Combat Jack!

 1 week ago '15        #50
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Used to rock with action until he said that dumb sh*t. Also Ghost never said anything foul about him beforehand. I’m wondering who gassed him.

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