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 1 month ago '05        #501
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Gucci Mane Diplo Mixtape

 1 month ago '20        #502
GUS FRING  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x31
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NAS performing ETHER during the STILLMATIC TOUR when it arrived in Atlanta , with NAS still heated over the way he felt radio (emmis broadcasting (hot 97...and def jam) tried to play him ...

ending his verse on ETHER with the statement I HEARD WITH MY OWN EARS..

"You a d*ck-ridin' f*g**t, you love the attention
Queens n*ggas run you n*ggas, fu*k RUSSELL SIMMONS! Ha!

I remember turning my head to some random dude next to me in the crowd and asking ..."DID HE JUST SAY WHAT I THINK HE SAID??"

dude was like

2# Mr. Magic last radio show in early 1989.....it was sad cause i remember listening in pop's old buick and Dj Kevy Kev who subbed in on friday nights while Marley marl spun Saturday had just played "THE I'M STILL NO 1" remix by KRS ONE which basically dismantled what was left of the MAGIC and the juice crew ...and i remember Magic towards the end of the show not too long after that was played..somberly saying..."alright superlisteners its time to wrap up tonight's show....we will see you same bat time..same bat station..GOD WILLING

i had no clue..but the show just seemed dreary that whole time.....

little did i know HE WOULD NOT RETURN THE FOLLOWING WEEK OR EVER AGAIN ON WBLS....and would eventually be replaced the following month by MARLEY MARL and PETE ROCK "IN CONTROL" show where they even featured an interview with BIG DADDY KANE ... DISSING MAGIC as MR. TRAGIC...smh....

i had both those shows (magic's last show...and marley and kane dissing magic) on cassette tape...i moved so much that i lost my collection...

3#Vinyl hip hop shops that feature guest deejays to come by and spin or allow you to spin a record on thier turntables...THEY HAVE GOT TO STILL BE AROUND!!...IN A VINTAGE FORM..i loved those spots they were all up the east coast and a few down south too as well....like Earwax on peachtree in atlanta...back in the day

4#a hip hop deejay whom still MIXES LIVE ON THE AIR (no serato) ...straight turntables......that's the essence!!

5# FAT LACES for retro sneaks like SHELL TOE ADIDAS and SUEDE PUMAS

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 7 days ago '18        #503
MC Gusto 
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The OG version of 'Hit Em Up' with all the Outlawz on it

Never heard it but Mutah said it was out there

 3 days ago '08        #504
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A song by The Game where he talks about green bananas ? It was a G Unit diss someone please find it….a lot of his old stuff is hard to find

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