Grape STreet Crips (Rappers) speak out on DIPLOMATS AND JIM JONES

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Grape STreet Crips (Rappers) speak out on DIPLOMATS AND JIM JONES

Some rappers from Jordan Downs projects made a dis song about Jim Jones and Dipset which can be heard at
 http://www.shazzloc.com Word is Jim Jones spoke on his knowledge of Shazz Loc, Grape St, and more South Cali gangstas dissin the Dipset movement on Shady 45 Siruis satellite radio. The Harlem Diplomats are aware of the controversy. Check their forums at dipsetmixtapes.com and see how much these Dipset fans (mostly from NYC) are hatin on the west coast speakin our for demanding respect. Check the forums at streetgangs.com and read the many heated debates between NYC and the rest of the world. At the Shazz Loc website and in his interviews he explains that it's not about the music. It's about how certain NY artists uses West Coast trends, fashions, and gangsets as a selling gimmick and not fully understand that thousands of young blacks and mexicans have lost lives over these colors. NY cats copy West Coast but does not respect west coast as mentioned by more prominent artists such as DJ Quik and Kam.

See the shocking disses to the west coast by Dipset fans for yourself at those other forums
 http://dipsetmixtapes.com and
 http://streetgangs.com and see what started it all at

DVD on all this mess coming soon...West Coast fo' life

 http://www.dubcc.com/foru .. ?topic=88586.0


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