Aug 19 - Nas did not pay $2 million for a beat

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Aug 19 - Nas did not pay $2 million for a beat

Tuesday, August 2, 2005

At the end of June there was a rumor that Nas paid $2 million for a Neptunes beat after a bidding war between himself and P Diddy.

Busta Rhymes, who had no part in the supposed deal, was apparently quoted as saying "Ah sh*t, thats the craziest beat, I ever heard! Those drums man, Those drums are fire! If Nas is gonna rap to this beat, its going to be over. This will be the biggest hit in the history of hiphop!"

StreetHop.com refrained from posting the news as we usually prefer to let false rumors die down on their own accord instead of giving attention to the people that start such lies. However it seems the rumor has been circulating the Internet again and we’ve been getting a ton of emails asking when the song would come out and if it was the 50 Cent diss.

Let us set the record straight once and for all. StreetHop.com spoke with Columbia when the rumor first hit, and Nas did not pay $2 million for a beat, the story is totally false. The Busta Rhymes quote is false; someone made it all up. So stop emailing in and posting your false Nas "scoops."

Source: http://www.streethop.com/rapnews/Nas_did_not_pay_$2_million_for_a_beat/3751/

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