Apr 21 - R.I.P Blade Icewood aka Darnell Lyndsay

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Apr 21 - R.I.P Blade Icewood aka Darnell Lyndsay

A rapper dies as he predicted: Violently

Gunfire catches up with Blade Icewood
April 21, 2005


Paralyzed from the chest down after being raked with gunfire in September, a Detroit rapper died Tuesday night in a gangland-style slaying on the city's west side.

Blade Icewood gave an interview about two weeks ago to a Web site called mixtapedetroit.com. Here are excerpts:
QUESTION: How you been doing. ...You've been shot several times ... anything you can share with us?

ANSWER: I'm good. And I'm blessed. I'm alive, you know what I'm saying? Just went through a little rehabilitation but I'll be back ... real, real soon, back to 100 percent. But I'm good.

Q: Is Detroit always going to be your home?

A: Fo' sho. The outskirts though now ... a guy with a famous face can't stay ... in the hood. ... You don't need to lay your head there. There's a lot of people that don't like you. ... they're just haters. If you got money, dip out ... take a half-hour or an hour to ride down to the hood.

By Jim Schaefer

The rapper, known widely by his stage name, Blade Icewood, was sitting in a wheelchair inside his silver Range Rover when a gunman pulled alongside in a vehicle and fired into Icewood's SUV, at West 7 Mile Road and Faust. His driver fled as the bullets flew. Icewood was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police have no suspects.

The scene of the shooting was less than a mile from a spot where Icewood had hosted a nonviolence rally last year.

Despite his appearance at the rally, Icewood's hard-core raps speak of Detroit on the wild side. His subjects include dope, money, s*x, guns, gangsters and paranoia -- all of it overshadowed by dark hints of an early death.

On one number, he raps about picking out a casket. On another, he says defiantly that if anyone ever k*lls him, the line of stretch limos at his funeral will be two miles long. Those lyrics: "You'll never catch me. And if a hater just happen to stretch me, my funeral line, two miles long, all stretchies."

Icewood, 27, whose real name was given by police as Darnell Lyndsey, was nominated in three categories in this coming Saturday's third annual Detroit Hip Hop awards, including album of the year. He was considered by many on the music scene to be on the brink of becoming a nationally known artist.

At Platinum Records on Detroit's west side Wednesday, patrons bought anything affiliated with Icewood, said a manager, Nicole Shakoor, 32. She sold out of all his music by noon. Many people also came to mourn.

Icewood had planned this month to release his third CD, titled "Blood, Sweat and Tears." Part of it was going to deal with the September shooting, Shakoor said.

"He did talk about it, and said God had spared his life for his son," she said.

In the September incident, gunmen forced their way into an Oak Park apartment and opened fire. He had multiple wounds and for a while was in critical condition.

Sgt. Mike Pinkerton of the Oak Park police said Wednesday that no one was arrested for that shooting, adding that Icewood had refused to help investigators.

"We never got any cooperation out of him," Pinkerton said.

Pinkerton said he had shared information earlier with Detroit police but that no one had contacted him regarding Tuesday's rubout.

"Looks like somebody finished what they started. ... It seems kind of obvious that somebody had some sort of vendetta," Pinkerton said.

The September shooting followed by two days a shooting outside a Woodward Avenue club in downtown Detroit in which one rapper and an innocent bystander were k*lled. The rapper was Antonio Caddell, 32, of the group Eastside Chedda Boyz, whose stage name was Wipeout.

Detroit police said at the time they were investigating whether the Woodward k*llings were related to a dispute between the Eastside Chedda Boyz and another rap group, the Street Lordz.

Icewood claimed allegiance to the Street Lordz, and members of that group watched as police surrounded Tuesday's shooting scene, said Duane Johnson, 35, an Icewood a*sociate who said he also was at the scene.

Shakoor said she asked Icewood to headline a Stop the Violence rally in July in front of Platinum Records. He participated, just two months before he was shot in September, and had encouraged people to create their own way out of the slums.

Among Icewood's most popular songs was "Get This Money," which talked about how he had earned enough money to leave behind his previous hard life in the city.

"It was about entrepreneurship and rising from poverty," Johnson said.

Contact NANCY YOUSSEF at 313-222-6672 or youssef@freepress.com. Staff writer Kelly Carter contributed to this report.

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