Mpow Flame Lite Are The Best Earbuds I've Ever Heard And Only Costs $40.00

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 1 week ago '10        #26
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i had these, they are absolute horrible. Cheapest piece of sh*t. Out the box the were very underwhelming. Cant handle bass at all. Battery life sucks. Uncomfortable. DO NOT BUY!!!

 1 week ago '08        #27
jtdatruth  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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I love bass as much as anyone but Mpow tends to be way overboard in my experience and it ruins the overall clarity. For budget headphones I really like Tronsmart. A lot of bass but they tune them better for highs and mids and they have solid anc/transparency mode for a relatively cheap price.

 1 week ago '09        #28
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I got the mpow m30 plus for $35 and they sound just as good or better as the $100 powerbeats I got from Costco and their charging case can be used as a portable charger for your other devices. I don't think they sell the m30 plus no more but I trust the Mpow brand when it comes to these budget earbuds.

 1 week ago '08        #29
YoungRay20  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2
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 Mr_GooD_NeWs said
still waiting on that Massage gun from earlier this year......

slick deals is your friend I bought 2 for $30 and $40 and they came.

 5 days ago '05        #30
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Have had mpow in the last and liked them, especially as running headphones as they stay in and due to cost, it doesn't matter if they get wet from sweat, rain, etc.

I've sinced upgraded to Jabra elite but for the price here, you can't go wrong

 5 days ago '06        #31
Mike in Reno 
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 gjray said
I've bought two pair of the beats version at $200 a pop, and I keep losing the earbuds. I will take one out do something, and it disappears.

I've got mixed matched earbuds now, I have to switch the bluetooth to listen between the right and left ear LMAO
They will replace one of them for $100. I had to replace my right one after losing it at the park. I wasn’t trying to buy a whole nother pair

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