Activision Blizzard Sued by California Over Allegations of 'Frat Boy Culture' And Sexual H

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 1 week ago '15        #26
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I can’t believe they would literally make women write one page essays if they wanted to call days off. And showing off pics of the girl’s v*gina after she committed suicide? So foul. This is what happens when you give incels a job.

 1 week ago '08        #27
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Passing around the nud*s of a woman who committed suicide? Got damn that place is toxic as hell. Not surprising, but wow what a mess

 1 week ago '20        #28
Keep God First 
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 uoeno said
read that a broad was getting her nud*s passed around.

well u see. to avoid getting ur nud*s passed around, you should avoid taking nud*s in the first place

accountability 101
Shut up

 1 week ago '17        #29
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nah that's legit terrible if it's true

they're getting sued by the state? sh*t.

 1 week ago '16        #30
bossdon365  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x3
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If it was that bad the bi*ches should have just quit but of course women always wanna have their cake and eat it too

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