so why don't we have the same smoke for prince like we do lil nas X?

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 2 weeks ago '04        #26
Calamity  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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 Bam Bam said
I don't care how many glitz and glamor pics you post of that n*gga. When I get to the bottom of this post I'm still slapping the sh*t out of it.

Do Lil Nas X got as much as even an Erotic City? Prince was doin all that Hip Hop entourage, putting groups and artists on and super producer sh*t before Hip Hop did it. So did James Brown but Prince played every instrument on the damn song.

Prince is a musical genius and a top 5 character in music history. Lil Nas X is a f*g**t with internet access.
This n*gga compared lol nas x to prince, I’m done.

 2 weeks ago '19        #27
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 2 weeks ago '16        #28
stealthm91  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x13
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it don't matter what Prince wore he was pure glam/funk, rockstar ish

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Top 10 most propped recently  2 weeks ago '17        #29
PackerTrelli3  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x6
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Prince was just into himself and looking pretty. Look at his name look at vanity. But prince wasn’t trying to troll or make a name of being different. He had TALENT, not SOCIAL MEDIA.

And prince wasn’t cross dressing or wearing skirts or Twerking or trying to push an agenda with it. And nothing was gay about him did you see the holes prince had?

Dude is the reason Tara Leigh Patrick Changed her name to Carmen Electra. Told her “you’re not a Tara”

So you can see what kind of GOD he was. You really tried to compare the 2????

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 2 weeks ago '19        #30
Badassbillygunn  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x3
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Prince is THAT n*gga and nas x is just some gay talentless n*gga

 2 weeks ago '18        #31
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 S PHX GOD said
Prince fornicates with women.. lil nas x doesn't
It took too many responses to get to this, correct answer. Not saying the responses were wrong, but ultimately, PRINCE MIGHT fu*k YOUR bi*ch.

 2 weeks ago '07        #32
yola  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x44
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because lil nas x can't effortlessly k*ll a 3 minute solo on a Beatles song and completely outshine a stage full of rock legends



 2 weeks ago '21        #33
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Cuz Prince was a once in a lifetime talent / musical genius and nas x, well he had that song with Miley Cyrus dad that had some radio play

 2 weeks ago '11        #34
Tony Franks 
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 rapper4 said

1. Eyeliner

2. straightened, coifed hair/wigs

If Usher, Chris Brown, Trey Songz or any other r&b male did any of those things there would be a 5 page thread, but they don't and they're still regularly called gay. Michael Jackson and Prince have done things so feminine that not even a lot of gay men do, yet people swear they're not gay. What gives?

prince can get away with

1.wearing females clothes.


3. women belt.

4. nail polish.

5.women weave and hair.

6.pushing the homos*xual and tranny movement.

7.screams like women,high pitch voice.

the world loves it. and his a iconic and prince it's acceptable.nobody brings up the bible,god, or agenda.


lil nas x or the new ones. demonic,satan, agenda, and fu*k f*g**ts and gays.

smh, you f
[spoiler - click to view]


 2 weeks ago '18        #35
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Prince can make good music

 2 weeks ago '06        #36
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Prince was a lesbian... a talented lesbian

 2 weeks ago '11        #37
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 Proffesor X said
Prince was androgynous and openly fu*ked bad bi*ches

Princes music exceeded his wierd s*xuality sh*t

Purple cemented Princes legacy in music history

Lil Nas is no fu*king Prince

Social media cancel culture is the same no matter which group it offends

People really just dont like dude...
Hes not going anywhere

Song went #1

Gay agenda >>>> Cancel culture

 2 weeks ago '14        #38
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 TheMonument said

One is probably the most talented musician of all time, the other is Lil Nas X.
I hear Lil Nas X can play a mean flute though

 2 weeks ago '05        #39
Micheal C. Will  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2
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OP is what he accusing Prince of, ironic

The difference OP is a bum nobody knows, Prince is a legend in the music industry.

 2 weeks ago '12        #40
Ricky Retardo  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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 TheMonument said

One is probably the most talented musician of all time, the other is Lil Nas X.
strip away all the flamboyance and Prince Rogers Nelson is still a musical genius.

The nerve of these lil n*ggas.

 2 weeks ago '11        #41
inthezone  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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Always thought he was gay
People are head over heels over him as an artist and have their blinders on... i could give 2 sh*ts either way

 2 weeks ago '05        #42
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Prince wasnt gay he just did whatever the fu*k he wanted. He wore whatever and didnt give a fu*k about what anyone would think or say. To top it off he fu*ked so many bad bi*ches. Everytime this man showed up at any award show or event he was with a dime.

Go quickly do a google search on the women dude has been with the list is long and impressive. For a guy to dress like he did he was knee deep in pu**y.

Top it off man is a musical icon. Lil Nas X is openly gay tweking on Satan making terrible music.

 2 weeks ago '05        #43
tokinjohn  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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It was a image, costume basically...his Rockstar look

 2 weeks ago '18        #44
illicit lee 
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He’s what was called a Dandy ...

And was straight and fu*ked the finest bi*ches
Also was a jehovas witness oddly enough

 2 weeks ago '04        #45
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 TheMonument said

One is probably the most talented musician of all time, the other is Lil Nas X.
When MJ was on the charts old heads said they'd rather listen to Prince.

 2 weeks ago '16        #46
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 S PHX GOD said
Prince fornicates with women.. lil nas x doesn't

Prince will always get a pass, cause he bagged some of the baddest heauxs, where this lil gay ni66a is dealing with tube steak.

 2 weeks ago '05        #47
Andrefrbk  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x15
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How many n*ggas came out and said they fu*ked prince.... NONE. How many bishes? TOO MANY.

Prince never promoted the devil and homos*xuality.
He was a character, his outfits, mannerism, attitude was a part of his performance.

Also the 80s bruh... You had to be there to get it, no f*g shiit.

 2 weeks ago '15        #48
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I'm gonna say what's already been said but most importantly




I seen a prince tribute show at my job and if the guy was imitating Prince I could only imagine how electrifying it would if was the real deal.

Last edited by Kehinde; 04-08-2021 at 10:10 AM..

 2 weeks ago '20        #49
5ive04our  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x107
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Cause Prince doesn’t troll on the internet, play victim, nor is his main audience kids. Bro ain’t do no concert on Fornite he did one on Roblox that’s all the little babies play mane.

 2 weeks ago '18        #50
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Yall always fall back on "prince had bi*ches", yet these new "generation fruit" rappers wear tight clothes and do some feminine moves and they don't get a pass no matter how many women they are seen with. According to yall, anyone outside of prince and anyone prior to 1989 who wears similar sh*t is gay. Don't forget when skinny jeans automatically meant gay even WHILE being seen with a woman. Hell, even Pharrell was getting sh*t on when he changed up and he got talent

Last edited by Dehone; 04-08-2021 at 12:35 AM..

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