Busta Rhymes Celebrates 31 Years Of Friendship With DMX

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 1 week ago '05        #51
Daddy Black 
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 trill jackson said
peep this one tho, x was high as hell and buss was right there showing real homie love

Damn. I got no words. Busta Rhymes is a true friend.

 1 week ago '17        #52
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Busta got traps for days!

 1 week ago '06        #53
Hit Em' Up 
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 FrivolousSports said
Pac had to go to jail and sign to death row to be impactful

Dmx came up with a independent label and took over the game

Yeah the comparison isn't similar
He wasn't a superstar before death row but he was definitely known and starring in movies and making tv show appearances years before. Can't say the same for x.

Just morn the loss of a great artist and stop trying to put him above other legends. He took the crack route when he still had so much potential. That sh*t fu*ks up your brain. Just look how he started talking funny and moving around all fidgety. At one point his voice was so high pitched it hurt to know that voice was coming from x.

 1 week ago '04        #54
CodyThaGod  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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 jasperfect said
Dmx is from Yonkers
Busta is From Brooklyn

It's crazy how when people become famous they've been behind the scenes for years. X first album came out in '97. Busta was in leaders of the new school from '89 but X had to be around before 97 for them to know each other for 31 years.
True. My Uncle Dave gave me a tape of DMX from 91, when he was doing Spellbound and other similar raps. Bugged me out cause he gave it to me when X started blowing up, right before IDAHIH dropped. Spellbound is how X ended up beefing with K-Solo.

DMX was meant to reach us. He had a bunch of deals that fell through until it finally happened and he was the first / biggest one on that Survival Of The Illest 3 album summer run. Summer 98 was filled with soooooooo much good music. Def Jam was taking the spotlight back from bad boy, all thanks to X. Cant understate just how amped he had us Hiphop heads feeling at the time.

My uncle died before his 50th birthday, back in 2012. He put me on to so much Hiphop. He brought Hiphop to my home town in Georgia back in the 80s. Hurts to see X go through this cause it’s reminding me of how my Uncle Dave left too soon.

Get well X. We need you bro.

 1 week ago '16        #55
stealthm91  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x13
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 1 week ago '16        #56
stealthm91  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x13
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 1 week ago '04        #57
Veno da Don 
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 jasperfect said
Your acting like busta was into that stuff or introduced him to it. You also don't know what conversations they had about DMX staying clean. If you've ever dealt with an addict you'd know their choices are out of your control
Busta definitely seems like the type to positively encourage his friends. Nothing I've ever seen from Busta says anything different, dude is positive energy personified.

X was the first and 2nd CD I ever bought. After Pac die as a kid i didn't have a favorite solo artist (Do or Die being my favorite group.) Then late 97' early 98' i hear something from an artist I've never heard, someone who took that passion of Pac and mixed in these real life experiences. All this pain, that as a young black man i honestly wanted to relate to (Weird maybe but pome). X was different, different than any other artist. I can't cope with this I have stayed away, I just can't believe it (well I actually can which is terrible.) I don't want to believe it. I still haven't coped with Nipsey death. Its just too much man.

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