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John Schneider compared Beyonce to a peeing dog


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 3 months ago '05        #26
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 set117 said 🔗
Bro, anecdotal data doesn't matter. Your little corner of the world does not encompa$s what millions of other Americans experience. Country 's numbers are popping all across the industry. Labels are only signing country artists. Their crowd finally discovered streaming. Just because pookie around the corner from you isn't playing country loud in his 2007 rimmed up honda civic, doesn't mean country isn't popping.
Didn't mean to slap

 3 months ago '21        #27
Aztec King 
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 rizzo1914 said 🔗
Let this be a lesson, no matter how many times they smile at you, how many hands you shake, you will always be seen as lessor than, the help, and in most cases just another n!&&@....
Think about it,
in the scope of life,
Does it really matter to you what some racist fu#ks think.

 3 months ago '16        #28
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wonder what his opinion of jelly roll is?

 3 months ago '04        #29
D1nOnlyMrM@  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x5
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 Big Daddy said 🔗

I wonder if he say that to Tayler, Shania, or Miley?
He did. He mentioned Shania. Taylor swift was a legit country artist before she got into pop and rap she doesn't count. It's like when folks thought pink was in that Aguilera realm

 3 months ago '04        #30
Veno da Don  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x6
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 BraveSoleXIII said 🔗
I didnít think of it this way. I guess I can see their point now then.. never did I think black people could be culture vultures.. but here we are. And I liked Miley as a person from what I could see. But it felt like she and other white people came in to hip-hop just to play in our faces and then left. Like slumming it in the hood and then going back to Beverly Hills.

Country is on a weird run right now where itís really about to be the most popular genre of music. I guess what dude was saying, of course people are coming over to steal some of the shine.
The difference being. Black people would actually go to a country show or a rodeo, maybe even like that part of culture. Whereas alot of others won't step foot in a neighborhood, nor enjoys anything "black" and would only use "black culture" as a means to make profit solely.

 3 months ago '11        #31
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But doesn't that make you a more versatile artist if you can switch up genres like that?

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