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4/12 todays rumors

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icon 4/12 todays rumors

PW Torch’s Wade Keller heard the Young Bucks were “not in favor of the decision to air the Punk-Perry fight on Dynamite and present the way it was being pitched.”

The Bucks were ready to “move on and not get into this again.”

One AEW source said Tony Khan was the only person they know who was on board with the idea.

As for the verbal shots that Will Ospreay fired at Triple H, a source told Keller that Ospreay was “an enthusiastic participant in the crafting of what he would say on the promo during the production session” before Dynamite.

Fightful Select chimed in on the matter, indicating that Matthew and Nicholas Jackson “were fine and in favor of doing the segment,” while Ospreay was “excited to do the promo.”

PW Insider was told that Ospreay is the person who came up with the line about “grinding on the boss’ daughter.” The line was not given to him by someone else

Wrestling Observer Live’s Bryan Alvarez said “everyone” in WWE and AEW was talking about the Punk/Perry footage being aired on Dynamite.

The vast majority of the reactions on the AEW side can be summed up as, “Why are we doing this? I can’t believe we’re gonna show this. Why? Very upset, disappointed. Is this ship sinking? ...This has got to be rock bottom.”

However, Alvarez also says people in AEW believe Tony Khan has “gotten this out of his system,” with Khan allegedly saying, “It’s done, we’re moving on.”

According to SEScoops, AEW star HOOK is “interested in exploring his options in free agency once his contract with All Elite Wrestling expires later this year.” WWE is expected to have interest in signing him.

Fightful mentioned that Drew Gulak was “pulled from several appearances” over WrestleMania weekend as a result of Ronda Rousey accusing him of inappropriate contact backstage at WWE.

This includes Drew being “removed from his seat at the Hall Of Fame after a producer noticed he was in attendance and in close proximity to someone close to Rousey’s inner circle of friends.” In addition to that, there are “no creative plans for Gulak” right now

Multiple outlets report that the WrestleMania XL: Behind The Curtain documentary that was supposed to be released on Wednesday was delayed because WWE recorded a ridiculous amount of footage and needs more time to edit it


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