Hidden pic on the Makaveli cover

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Hidden pic on the Makaveli cover

No one ever mentions this and it think its one of the most mysterious things about pac's death.

If you look on the front cover of Makaveli, there is a black and white photo of something (looks like pac if u ask me) in the bottom right corner of the book. i.e the cover looks like a bible or some other old book with pac on the cross as the cover, placed on brown paper like bookstores use. If you look closely it's definately been added on purpose.

The makaveli cover was made before his death as in an interview suge says about the time pac called him and said he want him on the cross as the cover. dunno if this pic was added before or after his death, athough some say its an unreleased autopsy photo.

There was a site which investigated this thoroughly, and had the pic enlarged and digitally altered to make it clearer but i've been looking all over and can't find it.

The photo on the album cover is slightly obscured by the red lettering. it's clearer on the vinyl but the best copy is the one on the makaveli promo poster which sits nicely on my wall.

anyone know anything about this or knows what the site is that investigates it?

and for the record, yes i do think pac is dead, but it's an interesting topic anyway.

Also another thing i've been seeing more lately and seems to be not commonly known is that the title - the don k*lluminati - has nothing to do with k*lling the illumati. Its pac's way of speilling CALUMNIATE, which means "to attack the good name and reputation of someone". I.e he's the don of making slanderous <sp? statements.

sorry if you find this topic boring, but i'm sick of all these "lil wayne > your fave rapper" and stupid a*s g-unit threads.



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