My Sister N Law lives with us & uses our things, This is how she left my peloton afta use!

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 Xiox said
That's not sweat
To be fair I didn’t care one way or the other I didn’t even fix my brain to try and process if it was or not.

I saw a Peleton and I chose to talk about the Peleton vs body fluids

 1 week ago '20        #77
Virgoanghost  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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Bruh she’d have to f*ght me ngl. I have ocd and this is disgusting

 1 week ago '19        #78
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 I wear a size 2 said

This is a Reddit post btw
This is a slap for reddit reposts btw

 1 week ago '22        #79
I wear a size 2  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x11 OP
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 Airtight said
This is a slap for reddit reposts btw
U have something against them? Lol

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 EMER1TUS said
Tbh I have Tidal and I’ve created my own 2,000 song Playlist to ride to I’ve never even listens to the music on the Pele

The classes are great my lady rides to them we have 2 Peletons we ride together I don’t really use the classes though I like Riding the scenic routes. I be in France, Italy, Riding up the Coast in Cali sh*t like that.

If you’re really into the classes you have plenty to choose from plenty of instructors it’s dope I just prefer the scenic route I don’t need all that motivation I go hard just with my music alone.

It’s not really a hard sell if you’re committed to getting your cardio in everyday. The equipment is durable, smooth and quiet and honestly fun once you get into a everyday routine. 30-45 then I go hit the weights in the garage and my workout is done. The other perk for me is imma night owl so I like to ride at night if me and my lady not riding and this gives you a great workout without waking up the house at night.

If you’re gonna ride 5+ times a week it’s good money spent

If you’re just gonna do the 3 times a week or just a whenever type of thing I wouldn’t get it you’d be wasting money

Thank you for all of this bro!! Me and my lady have been doing cycle bar twice a week , and it’s going to add up a fu*k ton. So investing in a home bike would def be better . I didn’t know you can create your own play’s list so that’s dope .

 1 week ago '16        #81
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What she look like ?

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