69 pulls up to miami gas station dolo

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 5 days ago '17        #26
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Ya auntie is a man now

 5 days ago '06        #27
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 DamianDragunov said
So him and his fans are so desperate for a W that him going to some gas station “dolo” is some kind of accomplishment??

What a fukin goofball…

I bet he’s still lying.. last time we heard about him going somewhere “dolo” it was found out he had security all around him and still got punched in the face…

What sorry sorry existence.. the desperation of him and his Stan’s is evident. maybe he should show up to take care of his daughter “DOLO”.
But that doesnt help him get attention from the industry so I guess she’s not good enough.

When she’s get older she’s gonna stop fukin with him just like everyone else has… He’s got no one else to blame.. He’s gonna end up “dolo” all the time when he can’t buy anymore friends to hang out with.
No lies told.

 5 days ago '13        #28
Flow Mo88  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x3
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 LarrySub810 said
I’m slappin anything posted bout him….past the time to let him fade out.
Slaps are pointless. Need to actually mean something.

50+ more slaps should mean your on some bs and tgr forum don't fu*k with you. So automatic thread removal and can't post for the day

 5 days ago '17        #29
Pythagoras  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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Does this dude still make music?

 5 days ago '21        #30
Aztec King 
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 305Trav said
bi*ch why am I gonna take time outta my day to risk my freedom confronting this n*gga?!

6ix9ine won tho


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