Oct 12 - *Another One* Dallas PD shoot black woman in her own home

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 purtayboi said
fu*k a resignation, @me when heís arrested
Yeah the fact he had yesterday to enjoy the games etc if he wanted was a slap in the face to the family.

 3 days ago '13        #252
Blackspider  124 heat pts124
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This is Ft Worth, not Dallas. I'm sure it was brought up already, though. Ft Worth might be one of the most racist big cities in this country. By far. Every city is segregated to a certain degree but they are on a whole other level. And Ft Worth cops are terrible at k*lling folks.

I was taught at a young age to never call the cops. For anything. They only complicate sh*t. I can not stand them. The Back The Blue mantra is sickening. No accountability at all. This whole "it is only a few bad apples" is bullsh*t because cops go out of their way to cover for dirty cops. And this goes up the chain to judges and sh*t. Look at the judge giving the murdering Dallas cop a hug after trial.

A wellness check and you park your car around the block so can't be seen. You walk up with a flashlight around the house after 2am. Don't announce yourself. Don't knock on the door. Hell if someone was walking around my house with a flashlight at 2am or any time of day, I am going to get my gun and be prepared. Good thing about Texas is you are allowed a gun in your house or car without needing a license or permit. You just need one if you are going to carry it on you in public.

This murdering piece of sh*t did nothing to try and a*sess the situation. He went there to shoot to k*ll.

But I'm sure the Back the Blue people are already working on trying to shame the victim. I'm sure drugs will be discovered. There was already a gun on the bed (which is not illegal at all in Texas). They will spin this as an officer taking out yet another "black thug".

Let's see if the judge gives this k*ller a hug. If the cop in the court plays with his hair and comforts him. If this victim's family say they want to give him a hug and say great things about him like that other brainwashed Get Out bi*ch a*s family last month from Dallas.

 3 days ago '12        #253
ezduzit  9 heat pts9
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 germanpier said
Stfu... what happened to "blacks are only x% of the population" talk?

So it's ok to point out our small relative numbers when talking about crime but it's "this happen to everyone" when black ppl get gunned down in their own home back to back?

fu*k you and i hope your dead relatives got a mouthful of pregnant c*ckroaches and worms.

dude just likes to argue with ppl

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