Titans OT Taylor Lewan will miss the rest of the season with a knee injury 🚨

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 4 months ago '17        #26
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 T Town84 said
This O-line is in trouble FRFR.... Gonna be even tougher to get Henry going now.. Expect even more 2-3 TE Sets now smh. Passing game was already struggling.. Titans fans if we loose this week, and next.. We may officially be in rebuild mode..


All might be gone next year..
Those 2 te sets don’t even help as Swaim can’t block for sh*t chug a rookie and hooper is a receiver. Bud ain’t been here that long so him bouncing is whatever especially if weaver steps up. JRs 2020 and 2021 draft classes were horrible and we are starting to bear the fruit of him blowing it those two years. Throw in Landry acl and now Buds hip our dline which was a major strength last season back to 2020 levels where they couldn’t get to anyone.

At least our draft from this year looking ok so far with Burks, NPF and Phillips.

 4 months ago '04        #27
Kadroan  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x31
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 Hadal Zone said
Yea that def fu*ked up the plans. But there's quite a few risky picks early in the draft they have made and hasn't worked out. Wether it be injuries or character issues.

Farley looked lost AF out there last week.

I give Farley a pass for now. This is pretty much his rookie year

 4 months ago '11        #28
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 Kadroan said
I wonder if the OC will get fired. I've seen his name come up
He needs to go the OC. Lewan has been unable to keep healthy for the longest. Good team guy but at this point the cost isn’t worth the production.
 mwtx said
Knew it was a wrap for this era of titans when they traded brown to us and couldn’t utilize Julio right. Not many teams I’d pick them to win against rn. Maybe Texans?
Julio is done. Even on the Bucs the guy can’t stay healthy. If they go 0-3 they need to see what they have with Willis sooner than later. And they need to get a whole new training staff. It’s ridiculous how bad the injuries have plagued them the past couple of seasons.

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