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First look at ‘BEVERLY HILLS COP 4’. Releasing in 2024 on Netflix.


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 3 months ago '20        #51
Props total: 1968 1 K  Slaps total: 269 269
Chief didn’t chew it all off, still got a little a$s left

 3 months ago '15        #52
KNSCRY  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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 GoAirplane said 🔗
Ahhhh… the 90’s and the dreaded three-quel

Back to the future 3 (western shiit?!)

Tmnt 3 (samurais in the past?)

Terminator 3

Alien 3


Bhc 3 (which i never watched but really… what am i missing?)

And if this counts… Batman and Robin. Lol.

Also, a$s to the list of the third movie being shiit.

Oh…. This is the holy shiit of all third movies…

Blade Trinity. Wtf was that?!?!?!

Fukkin hollywood always messing up a good franchise. 90’s, 2000’s, etc.

Mega Facts Fam!! Lmao Mega Facts

 3 months ago '05        #53
Props total: 9332 9 K  Slaps total: 1457 1 K
 Mike T said 🔗
Yeah but the character at least needs to be the Captain that fu#ked up or a Sargent that dosent want to rank up.

Who the fu#k is dealing with a 60yr old detective trynna run the streets
in jeans and a lions jacket....in LA of all places

 3 months ago '14        #54
2 cent 
Props total: 8262 8 K  Slaps total: 1442 1 K
After coming 2 America... foh

 3 months ago '10        #55
Bandito  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x7
Props total: 54735 54 K  Slaps total: 8358 8 K
 strungout said 🔗
Should have got DC young fly or someone to play axel

Pa$s the torch
Considering this synopsis

Taylour Paige is on board as Foley’s criminal defence attorney daughter, who pulls her dad into a California-based case – where he’ll cause issues for Kevin Bacon’s LAPD special-unit officer, and team up with a new partner, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The pair, says Bruckheimer, make for a strong comedic combo. “He gets stuck with Axel and they are hysterical together,” he promises. “Joseph is such a great straight man for Eddie
I wouldn't be surprised if Taylour and JGL's characters hook up together. Opens up the franchise to branch out with them. Axel can show up to counsel his daughter and son-in-law in the future installments.

 3 months ago '07        #56
yola  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x91
Props total: 137932 137 K  Slaps total: 20434 20 K
Netflix pumps ass, but Dolemite Is My Name was great, so hopefully

after #3, the bar is low

 3 months ago '20        #57
Ninjahood  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x8
Props total: 24181 24 K  Slaps total: 3390 3 K
 ADthe3rd said 🔗

Let this be at least somewhat enjoyable. BHC3 was the biggest waste of time, space, energy, money, and Eddie's career.

Please let this be enjoyable
It made money but he was washed in that role by then.

 3 months ago '11        #58
Props total: 9004 9 K  Slaps total: 1198 1 K
I'm here for it I can enjoy all of them obviously part 3 is the worst of the 3 but I can still enjoy it

 3 months ago '16        #59
BMC1000  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x39
Props total: 100800 100 K  Slaps total: 16647 16 K
 YAYO101 said 🔗
damn Eddie don't even need Digital de-aging, 62 and still look the same


will watch for sure
his cut too clean tho

he forgot Axel kept it nappy in old a$s clothes

thats what fukked up part 3

 3 months ago '07        #60
Props total: 15433 15 K  Slaps total: 1022 1 K
Beverly hills cop 1 and 2 are classics that 3rd one that was pg 13 and had them at wally worlds or whatever was terrible plus they ki1led off the og inspector todd.

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