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Nov 28 - Disney hints its woke politics ‘present risks to our reputation and brands’


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 5 months ago '17        #176
Naga Sadow  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x27
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 God Bless You said 🔗
Search bx???

It’s a whole lot easier to just check in. If you’re scared it’s okay. Just stop this charade on here that you’re a black man

God bless
You want it, you get it. It's not that hard Russell.

Stay woke!


 4 months ago '15        #177
chiladin708  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x6
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 ITookTheRedPill said 🔗
As I've been saying for a long time, the race agenda has allowed the g@y agenda to infiltrate the black community. They used the race agenda to poison the black community with homos3xuality acceptance. That's why you got dudes calling everyone white as the "ultimate insult" all while defending this g@y nonsense.

The government won.
True but I so NOT think they were able to gas most of us. Most Black people polled are still very conservative and overall are still not accepting of homos3xuality.

Black people have been g@y since being g@y was a thing but in the Black community as well as in mainstream American society, overwhelmingly most Americans are not g@y.

Many straight African-Americans as well as Americans in general have become more accepting of the LGBT community but I definitely don't think as accepting of homos3xuality.

So, Disney has gotten that data analytics and realized people have a choice and publicly are probably not going to risk their jobs or rep by saying fu#k all that g@y sh1t, people are just less inclined to view their content and buy their products because they promote the LGBT lifestyle in their programming.

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