Jul 23 - teens have sex wit girl knowing she had aids

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Jul 23 - teens have s*x wit girl knowing she had aids

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WHBQ FOX13 myfoxmemphis.com) --
Police in Mason, Tenn., have arrested a 19-year-old, HIV positive woman for "having s*x with three men and a 15-year-old boy. Investigators say she knew she had it and knowingly exposed her partners to the potentially deadly virus.

It's against the law for a person who knows they're infected with HIV to have intimate contact with someone without using protection and that's what Kayla Wilkerson is accused of doing.

She's currently out of jail on bond.

Police say the four she was with have been tested and are waiting for their results.

About 4 miles into Mason, Tenn., a quite, quaint town of only 600 people, sits Mason Manor Apartments. That's where 19-year-old Kayla Wilkerson lived until 24 hours ago.

Police arrested Wilkerson for having s*x with four males, one of them is 15-years-old. They said she did it even though she knows she's HIV positive. HIV causes the deadly s*xually transmitted virus AIDS.

Police learned about this case through the leasing agent at the apartments. She called them and complained that people were having s*x in the laundry room after hours.

Police say after finding out who was involved, the men admitted taking turns having s*x with Wilkerson.

One of them is Prentice Jones' grandson.

"I hope nothing is wrong with him," said Jones, who belived his grandson used a condom while having s*x with Wilkerson.

Police say while they were questioning Wilkerson she admitted she was infected with the virus.

In the police report, Wilkerson says she was sitting on her porch when the four approached her and asked to have s*x. She met them in the apartment laundry room, gave them each condoms and told them she had HIV, but says they all wanted to do it anyway.

Police Chief James Paris said Wilkerson also said some chose to use the protection, others didn't.

"It's a sad situation for both sides," said Wilkerson. "They didn't think about what they were doing before hand and everybody is pretty much paying for it."

If they're infected, it could take up to six months for the virus to show up.
Wilkerson is facing a statutory r*pe charge for having s*x with the15-year-old boy and four counts of criminAl exposure to HIV. She's expected in court in September.

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