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 4 months ago '07        #51
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 DonYBE said
There's no need to defend the truth. I'm too grown to lie about a video game. I hope you get paid for the job Mr. random person. If you think something is improbable, that's not my responsibility to tell you otherwise.

Maybe your parents didn't do enough to make you believe that improbability is not a possibility. So I was suppose to do take a picture next to the game 30 years ago to prove it? FOH. It's the internet, who gives a sh*t what a person behind a device thinks if something is true or not? That's some female sh*t. Sounds like you put too much effort on here to dispute what a man done as a kid. Enjoy the thread for what it is, childhood memories or move on.

Anyway, I'm done talking to you about it.

Clearly you do give a sh*t because you've been arguing back with me for several days and you took the time to reply to everyone who did believe you, and you wrote that ridiculously long post about how great you are in the first place. I musta struck a nerve if you talking about parents teaching me to believe random and sh*t like that. Lol. Now REALLY don't believe you just based on your character and reactions. Making clowns like you get in their feelings is payment enough for me pal.

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