Jul 6 - Women killed for being white

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Jul 6 - Women k*lled for being white

A homeless black man who allegedly k*lled a woman at a Westchester County mall told cops she "had to die" because she was white and he was f*ghting a race war, it was revealed yesterday.
"I never seen her before and I didn't care," Phillip Grant, 43, said of Connie Russo Carriero, 56. "As long as she had blond hair and blue eyes, she had to die."

The legal secretary and mother of two grown children was stabbed to death while walking to her car in the Galleria Mall parking garage in White Plains last Wednesday.

Grant, whose shocking statements were videotaped by police, said he almost let her go by, but changed his mind because he didn't like how she looked at him.

He told cops he knew he would get caught for the crime, saying, "I want the death penalty. I want to die. But I wanted to k*ll somebody white first."

Grant's statements were played at a felony hearing in White Plains City Court yesterday.

On the tape, Grant also compared himself to Colin Ferguson, who shot six people dead and wounded 19 others in a massacre on a Long Island Rail Road train in 1993.

He said more people would have died with Carriero if he had a gun instead of a knife.

Grant, a convicted rapist, was charged with second-degree murder and weapon possession in the k*lling. If convicted, he could get life.

He sat impassively in shackles yesterday as the judge ordered his case to go before a grand jury.

 http://www.nydailynews.co .. p-278304c.html


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