Jan 23 - Fat Joe on 50 Cent

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Jan 23 - Fat Joe on 50 Cent

The everlasting feud between 50 Cent and Ja Rule has caused a new beef with the G-Unit rapper and Fat Joe.

In a song off his upcoming album, 50 raps, "You thought 'Lean Back' was big in the club/my sh*t did 11 mill/your sh*t was a dud."

And Fat Joe isn't taking this lightly.

"I really don't care what he thinks," Fat Joe told andPOP last week, in a video interview being posted Wednesday. "I'm not the battle rap type. I just think he's gone crazy."

Joe believes 50 Cent targeted him in the song because of his a*sociation with Ja Rule. Joe and Ja appear on the track "New York," off Ja's latest album.

"Ja Rule has been a friend of mine since before him and 50 got into a problem. I've been working with him, so he [targeted me] because I'm supporting him," Joe said.

"I never look for trouble with him. I've never wanted trouble with him."

50's feud with Ja Rule has been going on since 50 released his debut album in 2003. 50 had the highest selling album that year, while Ja Rule's sales saw a decline.

"Although I'm Ja Rule's friend," Joe said, "Ja Rule has never told me, 'yo, let's get 'em together.' I've never been involved with that so it's really weird that [50] would be coming at me, but I guess the guy feels he needs this type of hype whenever he comes out with his album or whatever and how more credible could you be then disrespecting Fat Joe?"

Joe won't overlook 50's lyrics, but isn't sure how to retaliate.

"Let's hear his song first before we know what we're going to do."

The only thing he is sure of is that 50 hasn't heard the last of Fat Joe. "It don’t die with his song."


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