Everson griffin with another possible mental Heath issue?? Wtffff

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Top 10 most slapped recently  4 days ago '21        #51
Linas Kleiza 
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Did he call another grown man daddy?

 4 days ago '15        #52
Lord Funkington 
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Hope he gets the help he needs. Always think about that Joe budden line in these situations. Something like "regular dudes get caught up in the game, lose their mind and yall call it entertainment"

 4 days ago '21        #53
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 Kyu said
Drug use and addiction is due to underlying mental health issues.
Or he’s just a weak minded motherfu*ker who copes w problems like a coward

 4 days ago '08        #54
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 projectd06 said
Is this man still in the league? If so he definitely should not be out there playing anymore if so. This man either really needs help or hes on some drugs.
Ironically they’ve probably helped him the most

You take the structure of football away and the people in that organization committed to helping him away….it could be game over for him he could rally go bat sh*t crazy

That’s amazing though that he could reach the highest level of football, make stupid bank and still not be right in the head

 4 days ago '04        #55
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He need to lay off whatever drugs he's on man, the sh*t's not worth it

 4 days ago '11        #56
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CTE and drugs

 4 days ago '21        #57
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Stop smoking that K2

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