Will Nas Ether Jay-z Financially ?

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I love seeing anyone that comes from humble beginnings make it.

If we wanna get granular about it, Nas deserves his flowers, accolades and wealth more than pretty much anyone else in Hip-Hop. Whether it's Jay, Diddy, Russel, or even Fif, most of them invested in vices or superficial sh!t to grow their wealth. Nas is a full-on Venture Capitalist now that is investing in revolutionary and disruptive technologies that are impacting the global economy. He's not selling liquor or streetwear made in sweatshops in China, he's investing in:

Volta Charging
BitFury Group

Nas/Queensbridge Venture Partners is investing in game-changing technology that will create tens, or hundreds of thousands of jobs.

He ain't selling over priced trendy clothes, booze and weed. He's on a next level.

What Dre did with Beats is somewhat comparable. I respect what Dre did with Beats more than anything Diddy, Fif, or Jay ever did. Dre also is creating mad jobs, and is didn't have to sell vices to make his wealth either.

Shoutout to Chamillionaire too.

 4 weeks ago '16        #27
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lets be honest here, for one of the first times in music history two of if not the two the greatest artists in their genre are the richest..........before caring who has more for whatever weird reason you have lets celebrate a rare moment when two greats are actually getting the money that they deserve.......

 4 weeks ago '16        #28
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 Sin said
woah woah I meant couple hundred dollars lol
I was bout to say

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