While Black Rob Is On His Death Bed, Puffy Partying It Up and Looking Younger Than Ever

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 1 month ago '18        #101
classicrap1  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x10
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 PackerTrelli3 said
And if u did go in the house and then n*ggas did what he claimed they would.... what’s your friend Gonna go afterwards??

If he’s friend enough to warn you beforehand, he should be friend enough after the outcome to make sure you good. Right?

So after all that took place in that club, why didn’t he make sure shyne was good afterwards?

If your kid touches the eye of the stove after u tell them it will burn their skin off... and they touch it...... u gonna take them to the hospital right? Or U gonna say “told you!” And let that be it?

All I’m saying is diddy shoulda made sure shyne was good. Not take care of him for life... but show some kind of appreciation. Like Eminem said in like toy soldiers

“Or maybe shout’em out in a rap or up in a chorus/ to showem we love’em back and Let’em know how important it is to have runyan Avenue soldiers up in our corners/ their loyalty to us is worth more than any award is”
i agree. but it's diddy. lol! shyne said that diddy apogoize and said that lawyers and folks wanted to throw him under the bus. to save his behind.

and yeah diddy should of took care of him and help him out.

but it's diddy.

 1 month ago '18        #102
classicrap1  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x10
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 JimDinO77 said
depends on the cut tho..... more than the artist were getting a slice of the pie, and you know Puff had the biggest slice
right but if a n*gga cheated you out of millions. and did you dirty and did not help you.

and he was the devcil.

would you do business with him again. if he was that bad.

and i know out of 17 million. them n*ggas ain't recieve 0 dollars.

and if they that stupid to not have lawyers or contract letting them get a cut. then they deserve to get fu*ked.

 1 month ago '13        #103
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Lotta y’all in here not real n*ggas

 1 month ago '18        #104
Rugby Jones  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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 SSJ4 Goku said

Did diddy tell rob to make those personal choices outside of music?

Did diddy tell Loon to push heroin?

Did Diddy tell G-Dep to make that nurder confession?

Keep going, u got like 6 more artists to make excuses for

 1 month ago '18        #105
classicrap1  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x10
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 AgentOrange said
Same with Cuban Linx. He blames Fat Joe but when he was in postion, he did the same to his rap crew. Kept the money he got for a group deal for his own failed project
wow. i did not know that. that fu*ked up. he stay hating on fat joe because what he did to big pun and his son and baby mother.

2. this why i am happy that styles p. is getting his karma. about the sony and diddy stuff in 2020.

4. cause they did j hood and bully so bad.

universial did not want to get sheek a solo deal. but they heard j hood? and thought that both of them together could be a group or would sell as a group.

so when sheek louch started d block. universial said that will give you 500,000 for you and j hood project.

sheek louch already got 1 million for his d block imprient. but 250,000 was for j hood.

so sheek louch first album. that is why you heard j hood on so many songs.

sheek louch kept the advance. never put hood album out.

hood had songs with lil flip, david banner,dj preimer,t pain, others.

so they had ol boy on welfare,food stamps, taking taxi's to studio sesions.

mother house burned down. and they was basically leaving on the streets.

it took for them losing everything. the lox still did not give him his advance on koch. koch felt sorry for hood. and gave him 60,000. but the lox never told them. he found out by a koch employee.

 1 month ago '15        #106
SSJ4 Goku  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x8
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 Rugby Jones said
Keep going, u got like 6 more artists to make excuses for
Excuses my a*s. Ya'll hate to see someone defy boxden & everyday logic.

 1 month ago '04        #107
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Puff got that hair transplant.

 1 month ago '09        #108
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 Souloh said
Why do y’all feel like Puff is obligated to reach out to his former employees every time something bad happens?
 ProfessionalDon said
Its Bad Boy 4 Life ?

 1 month ago '05        #109
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 Johnny Cinco said
Y’all forgetting they black rob is a grown a*s man.

Everybody thinks that if someone was once a*sociated with someone successful that person should run to their aid.

But Bad Boy 4 Life is a LIE.

 1 month ago '15        #110
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can't blame diddy

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