I feel like Kendrick Lamar retired and didnít tell anybody smh.

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 1 month ago '16        #126
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I get that everybody has their own opinions, but itís like yíall donít want these rappers to live and raise their kids. Music is so over saturated now that most of everything that comes out come off as a fad and doesnít stick. IMO, I appreciate an artist that takes his time on his craft. Now if we talking Jay Elect, then I would totally agree, going what...almost 2 decades w/o putting out a complete body of work.

 1 month ago '10        #127
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He donít need really need to release anything else what does he have to prove

 1 month ago '16        #128
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If Covid didn't launch 2020 I think the Kendrick rollout would've started then at the very least. I think not having stages to perform the music is a red flag for a project of that magnitude.

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