some wu tang facts

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some wu tang facts

Masta k*lla punched a reporter for making fun of Wu

Before GZA, ODB had the name "Genius." This was way before GZA's 91 debut.

RZA was charged with murder before 36 Chambers. He was released from lack of evidence

The 9th member of the Wu was going to be picked from Masta k*lla and k*llah Priest. Masta k*lla wrote rhymes all night, but Priest fell asleep too early. The next morning, he was awakened by Masta's Da Mystery of Chessboxin' verse.

Cappadonna taught Deck how to rap. <----unbelievable, Deck>Donna

U-God's 3 year old son was shot while playing on the balcony of their house.

U-God talks about his son's death in the Forever LP.

Ghostface beat up Mase causing him to have his jaw wired.

at one point, every single rap label warned their artists: "never publicly mention the Wu tang"

LL cool j wanted to do a song with odb. But when odb got to the studio. He rip off one of LL's plaque & pissed on it. Which made LL mad & got sercuity on him.

Ghostface use to wear a mask earlier in the Wu's career because he was really on the run from the police and took off the mask once his name got cleared.

ODB got gonorreha (sp?) twice from the same woman.

Method Man was dusted during the recording of the Mary J. Blige "All I Need" video. (That explains some of his facial features in the video)

Method Man loves golf! (Heads who seen the tape know what I'm talking about)

ODB had 7 kids not 13 as at first widely publicized

Once Ghostface k*llah was a guest at the "Rap City" TV programm. Cappadonna joined him later, coming with a briefcase in his hands. Tigga asked Ghost about the contents of that briefcase but Ghost didn't say a word. Then Tigga started smiling and sh*t, so Ghost asked him smth like: "Do I look funny or what? I'm not joking, so stop fu*king smiling at me".

Back in the days when 50 wasn't popular, he got dismissed from a club for dissing Ghostface k*llah

Ol' Dirty Bastard's album "N***a Please" was originally planned to be named «Dirty World» or «Revolution: The Black Man Is God».

RZA didn't like that Jay-Z called himself Jigga - because it sounds similar to GZA.

Method Man once said that he likes working with Redman more than with the WU.
(It was on MTV)

RZA once said that if he wasn't in hip-hop business, he would like to be a scientist.

GZA is not a 5%-er anymore.

I've heard that Ghostface k*llah has some kind of diabetes so he doesn't drink any alcohol.

Method Man was one of the most favourite rapper of Notorious B.I.G.

While reading a magazine, Method Man found out that a video game "Wu–Tang Shaolin Style" came out for Sony Playstation. He got mad at the rest of the Clan for not telling him about that. Later he stated that this game was not that good, mainly because of the characters' movements.

This was found and posted by sub crazy


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