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Big Ghostface Blog "10 Softest Artist in the Game"



10. Kid Cudi

Ayo Cudi aka Kid Cuddli at the bottom of the list right here. Ayo no offense cos the god actually dont hate this n*gga or nothin...but the n*gga joints is softer than cotton panties son. It aint even like the n*gga wack tho. He jus soft. The n*gga do be evenin his s**t out from time to time tho...so he get that coveted #10 spot for that s**t namsayin. The n*gga did serve a n*gga in the crowd at his show wit the 1 piece combo so Imma give him that credit where its due n s**t namsayin. Even tho that s**t probably aint leave a mark on that n*gga. That s**t mussa took the n*gga some heart at least nahmean.

9.Big Sean

Ayo n then we got this n*gga Big Sean namsayin. Ayo once again it aint like the god feel like he need to smack this n*gga or nothin but the n*gga whole aura jus moist son. The n*gga look like a victim n s**t. This n*ggas more Sean than Big if yall hear what a n*gga sayin here. Word to Puff son. Ayo the n*gga be spittin ey now n then n he gotta a couple gems n s**t but that super duper s**t was played the f**k out 5 minutes after this n*gga birthed it g. Ayo thanks for that s**t n*gga.

8.Mickey Factz

Ayo this n*gga Mickey at the bottom half of the list too cos the n*gga actually got a couple hard joints n s**t (pause). But the n*gga also got a lotta wack techno n*gga joints n s**t that the god be disapprovin namsayin. N also for the fact that the n*gga was weepin in a corner while Rae n his n*ggas was runnin up on Joey Buddens when that s**t popped off at Rock The Bells n s**t. Ayo the n*gga should be ashamed of hisself son. But he aint the worst or nothin like that.


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