Aug 10 - 50 Cent Ain't Impressed By Lil' Wayne, Tells Kanye West

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Aug 10 - 50 Cent Ain't Impressed By Lil' Wayne, Tells Kanye West

50 Cent Ain't Impressed By Lil' Wayne, Tells Kanye West, "I Don't Get Trophies, I Get $$," Ye Talks Back To Beanie Sigel...Kinda

In this week's Pulse Report, the streets are buzzing about 50 Cent questioning Lil' Wayne's legitimacy, Fif addressing Kanye West's awards and Ye talks back to Beanie Sigel again.

[Editor's Note: The views of this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH.com]

1. 50 asks, "what makes him [Lil' Wayne] a legitimate conversation?" As omnipresent as he's been lately, Lil' Weasel has yet to overstay his welcome. But at least one person appears to be sick of him. 50 Cent!
 H.D., Jackpot or whatever you guys call him now recently caught up with Fif. And the muscle bound rapper couldn't understand why journalists keep bringing up Weasel in front of a person of his stature.

"What makes him [Weezy] a legitimate conversation," Fif asked SOHH. "That makes us the same cause we both rap?" [
 Watch 50 Cent Interview Here]

The Queens rapper also pointed out that he paved the way for Weezy's current buzz, which he felt consisted of mostly guest appearances and mixtapes.

"He wouldn't even be making the mixtapes because I invented that," Fif added. "But there's no significance in that. When he freestyles on a mixtape, it's a song format because he's following my format. But they [the media] ask me about him like we're the same."

2. 50 "gets the checks, he [Kanye] gets the trophies." By the way, don't hold your breath for a Kanye West-produced song on 50's forthcoming Curtis. It isn't likely to happen. Fif told SOHH exclusively that though the two superstars went into the studio together, the music they worked on won't be making the CD's final cut.

If you recall, Fif mentioned that Kanye was "a safe @#*$%" a while back. "That's not actually my feelings about Kanye West," Fiddy clarified. "That's my feelings about how people perceive Kanye West. This is why I didn't have a problem going into the studio with him."

"The people who give out trophies, pick him because he's safe," the Queens rapper added. "But my projects be making a way bigger impression...by actually selling. That's an indication of the public's interest. How many people are interested enough to go spend 16 dollars on a CD."

50 then went on to speak on the lack of accolades his last CD, The Massacre, received despite producing high sales. "I sold 1.1. million records in four days and, I didn't get one trophy for The Massacre, for the entire album," 50 explained to SOHH. "Then release Get Rich Or Die Trying as a soundtrack, sell 3 million records of the soundtrack and soundtracks are harder to sell than solo albums...and then, no trophies for the soundtracks."

"I don't get trophies, I get checks," 50 concluded. "He gets the trophies. But how you gon' give him a trophy now when he comes out the same time I come out?

3. Kanye Has More Words For Beans. As previously reported,
 Kanye recently responded to Beanie Sigel's gay accusations. The response marked the first time Ye acknowledged any diss. " I'm just saying...@#*$%, I'm not gay," Kanye told Smack DVD. "@#*$%, don't come at me on none of that @#!*. Don't @#*$ing disrespect me. I respect where he coming from. I respect Beans' gangsta, I'm not gangsta, but I ain't @#*$ing gay either. Don't disrespect me as a @#*$ing man. That's all I'm saying. That's it." [
 Watch Kanye Smack Interview Here]

This is interesting. As if Ye wants to stand up for himself, but at the same time not too much for fear of getting his @#* whooped by Beans. What do you guys think?

4. Lloyd Banks Throws Retirement Party? We've apparently seen the last of Blue Heffner, according to some nerdy looking white kids. In the "Lloyd Banks Retirement Party" video, Banks supporters take turns wishing the Queens rapper well on his next venture.

"Hi Lloyd," one young lady offered into the camera. "We're all here at your party. Can't wait for you to get here. Everybody showed up. We're so excited. Good luck with whatever you're doing next and we're really gonna miss you around here. It was great having you here." [
 Watch Banks Retirement Party Here]

Dudes even had a cake for Banks. Needless to say he never made it to the party. For the record guys, Banks had two albums, not one.

 For any questions, comments, criticism, hit up d*ck Johnson on MySpace]

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