Aug 4 - Chamillionaire: Im Not Mad at 50 Cent for Dissing Me(AUDIO)

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 08-04-2007, 11:48 PM         #1
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Aug 4 - Chamillionaire: Im Not Mad at 50 Cent for Dissing Me(AUDIO)


Looks like 50 Cent will have to find a different rapper to start a fake beef with, because Chamillionaire is just not ready to fall for his gimmicks. Remember that Spin interview where 50 made some disparaging remarks about Chamillionaire? 50 was asked what he thinks about artists like Cham whove decided to strip their lyrics of cuss words. His response, Let him [Chamillionaire] go sell gospel records, if he's so f***in' righteous, barely moved the Chamillitary man.

Cham told djbooth.net that its not a big issue to him. You know when its a real beef or something like that. 50 Cent just made some comments; he was frustrated a little bit. Somebody said my name in an interview, and then they kept saying my name to him and then he was just like, You know, tell Chamillionare to go sell gospel records, or whatever. I know the character of 50 Cent, hes the type of person that will give you a very raw answer, you know what I mean? Its kinda like, you put Kanye West on TV he might just keep it all the way real and do something unexpected. You gotta know the nature of the person, so thats why Im not really trippin off of that.

Koopa added that 50 Cent has earned some bragging rights, because of his mainstream success. The fact it that he sold so many more records and he has a braggin right, you know what I mean? He sold 20 million plus records, and, I sold 1.5 [million] which is good, but just compared to what hes done, I cant even sit here and go back to something like that.

 http://www.djbooth.net/in .. rview-0801071/


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