Jul 30 - Lil Troy Says Pimp C Dissed Him Because He Exposed Scarface

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Jul 30 - Lil Troy Says Pimp C Dissed Him Because He Exposed Scarface

Days after the release of an Ozone magazine article and subsequent radio interviews where rapper Pimp C implicates Russell Simmons of being homos*xual, accuses Atlanta artists of stealing their trademark crunk sound from Memphis and shoots verbal slugs at several entertainers (see
 "Pimp C Goes On A Rampage; Airs Out The South"), Houston rap pioneer and Short Stop Records owner Lil Troy steps up to respond to the attacks on his character.

At the top of Pimp C's (born Chad Butler) verbal disses, he repeatedly refers to Troy as "Lil bi*ch-ass Troy" and accuses him of snitching on "the whole Northside of Houston.. and put a bunch of people's daddies, brothers, uncles and sons in the penitentiary."

In response, Troy says his name is mentioned because he exposed a Southern rap legend of being a snitch. "That man is coming after me because I exposed (fellow veteran Houston rapper) Scarface of being a snitch and introducing his friends, George Washington Simmons and Byron Keith Harris, to the Feds as his cocaine suppliers," said Troy in a statement. "I went to jail because I was illegally pulled over with two kilos in the car.

"That beef was between me and Face. It didn't have nothing to do with Pimp C. Pimp ain't even no gangster. I went to jail on drug charges. He got locked up for pulling a gun on a woman in a mall. Is that gangster? You can't compare your rap sheet to mine," he continued.

According to Troy's camp, the drama all started when Troy released his straight-to-video independent DVD, "Paperwork," in 2006. On the video, Troy shows the federal paperwork which lists Brad Jordan (alias Rap-A-Lot artist Scarface) as being a federal informant and even includes copies of his indictment papers, which say the same. Troy also uses old album covers, photos and studio sessions on the video to support these claims.

In addition, Troy recently won a $511,000 lawsuit against Brad Jordan for defamation of character and slander. The case is now in appeal.

A 20-year veteran on Houston's local rap scene, Troy claims to be the first label to record Scarface's first commercial release. Amongst his catalogue of recordings, Troy's biggest national hit was southern anthem "Wanna Be A Baller," a single which pushed his 1999 major label debut album, Sittin' Fat Down South to platinum status. But after Scarface publicly called Troy a "snitch" in a videotaped concert and named him as such on the Geto Boys' song "Don't Talk to Police," Troy responded to the allegations with his now-infamous DVD Paperwork.

"I didn't call Face out first. He called me out," says Troy. "I used the DVD to respond to it. He shot first, so I had to shoot back."

Over a year after the DVD's release, Pimp C publicly responds on behalf of Scarface. "I'm from Houston, and I still live in Houston. He's not from Houston, but if wanted to stick his nose in my business or had something to say to me, he could've come to me," says Troy. "I'm not hard to find."

Also during Pimp C's recent air out of the South, he implies that R&B singer Ne-Yo is gay, claims that Atlanta is not in the South because "Atlanta is on East Coast time" and accuses certain unnamed rappers (fans are guessing Young Jeezy) of turning his back on powerhouse label BMF after drug charges.

According to Troy, when he did an interview with Ozone to air out Face about the DVD, he says the magazine's publisher fronted on him. "When I came out with my DVD, (Ozone publisher) Julia Beverly did the interview with me, but she watered it down. She wouldn't print the real story about my indictment. She said the paperwork was fake," explains Troy. "But I've seen this all before -- divide and conquer. People like her are not from our background. She ain't from our hoods. She don't give a damn about our music or our culture or us.

"I'm not talking about race or color. I'm talking about class and struggle. She don't got love for me, for Scarface or for Pimp C. We both can die, and she wouldn't lose a wink of sleep. Dead rappers make money. And those people who are outside of our culture make millions off our bloodshed, prison sentences and beefs," he continues.

Aside from responding to Pimp C's comments, Troy is now readying the release of his Universal-distributed independent album, Sittin' Fat Down South 2. The album's lead single is "We Swangin'" featuring late Houston martyr Fat Pat, Screwed Up Click alumnus Lil Keke and Troy's son T2.

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