Saigon jumped in his hometown

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 05-22-2007, 12:00 PM         #1
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Saigon jumped in his hometown

aight well i got the inside scoop on this sh*t right here 100% truth...even in the rumors section at AHH right now


I CAN'T SAY NAMES! I heard a certain New York rapper got beat down in his own city. I mean, stuff happens. I heard he was pulled out of his car and served. Sad.
yep, hes talkin bout Saigon, this happened in Spring Valley, NY (Sai's real hometown, he be reppin brooklyn but hes actually from this town 20 minutes outside the city), i know cus i lived there for a short period of time and even use to see the dude, Spring Valley is not gully per say since i was coming from the city but I wouldnt say its soft either, dont let the name fool u, if uve ever been there u know its got its grimey spots

well the story goes Sai was at this apartment complex in the valley tryna pick up this chick, somehow her man finds out and is not letting that happen...grabs like 10 hatian dudes, and they pull sai and his friend out the car...hold his boy down so he cant do sh*t, and start stompin on saigon for a good minute, saigon ends up in the hospital and theres even a police report cus his car got fu*ked up by the dudes,

let me jus break it down for u this cat saigon is not as gangster as he portrays himself to be, so dont come in here sayin some dumb sh*t like Sai is gangster he probably has bodies, hes done madd time, etc. etc....cus i know cats who went to HS with this dude who know him all to well, he is a fake, ive even been told was on the varsity cheerleading team back in his SVHS days LOL


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