WallStreetBets guy GAMBLES his mom's life savings and gets REKT - Guh!

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 2 weeks ago '20        #51
Mysticman  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x16
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 WINOe said
Go fu*k urself, respectfully. Ain't nobody buying refurbished iPhone 6's.
And please stop using expired, zero bids screenshots as proof that it's a great hustle.
n*gga YOU said they sell for $300 now you saying "ain't nobody buying refurbished Iphone 6's"(even though they are Iphone XR's) And where did I post zero bid screenshots from Ebay?

 2 weeks ago '21        #52
King Am I 
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 Johnathan Hill said
I can see it now,

Me: "Ma, I uh.... I uh... lost your life savings gambling on AMC Sto..."
My Momma and Me;

I saw that video and I was second hand embarrassed watching it. That mother emasculated her son in front of everyone.

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