Larry Hoover's Relationship with J Prince


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 RoyRogers225 said
Bullsh*t who u connected to don’t matter much they can only vouch for u for so far until a n*gga get to the point they gonna bust yo head no matter who u kno u can’t hide behind a n*gga no more I kno John gotti so I’m safe fu*k no some pu**y a*s n*ggas might spare u cause they scared of dat mane but a real n*gga if they beef out gonna bust yo head and if Larry Hoover feel played n*gga gonna try to bust his head u act like n*ggas wasn’t out here tryna bust Larry Hoover head outchea like he ain’t got enemies n*ggas don’t give a fu*k who u kno foh
I agree and understand what youre saying to a degree but thats totally not my point. The topic I was speaking on wasn't so-called enemies, the topic is/was connections, and being connections and those on the outside looking in seem to think its as simple as black and white without a grey area, and I agree with you, anyone can be got, thats a fact. BUT ALSO, the fact remains, the more connected you are the harder it is for you to get close to, unless the one whos on your tail has the same kind of connections.

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