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50 Cent = Rat Bastard! Document proved He talked to the Feds

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 09-07-2005, 09:15 PM         #1
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50 Cent = Rat Bastard! Document proved He talked to the Feds

Daily Hip-Hop News:
50 Cent Feared For His Life, Targeted In Murder Inc Plot
Wednesday - September 7, 2005
by Carl Chery

50 Cent reportedly revealed to federal agents that he feared for his life because of a feud with convicted Queens drug lord Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff.

McGriff is a co-defendant in Irv and Chris "Gotti" Lorenzo's money laundering case. The two brothers are charged with allegedly putting drug money provided by McGriff into Murder Inc. Back in May, federal prosecutors accused the Gotti's of receiving "street protection" from McGriff in exchange for laundering money into the label.

According to thesmokinggun.com, authorities and 50 believe that McGriff planned the 2000 shooting, in which the Queens rapper was hit nine times. A 2003 search warrant affidavit for Murder Inc.'s Manhattan offices claimed that McGriff was plotting to ki1l 50 and that he "communicates with Murder, Inc. employees concerning the target."

In a document, IRS agent Francis Mace wrote, "McGriff is tracking 50 Cent's whereabouts through his network of associates." Apparently McGriff's associates sent him surveillance reports to pager provided to him by Murder Inc. the label later changed its name to The Inc.

One report sent by Chris Lorenzo, said that 50 was in his old Queens neighborhood. "50 is in the hood Guy R. Brewer!" Reports say McGriff based his criminal operations near Guy R. Brewer Boulevard.

The affidavit written by agent Mace also cites 50 as refusing to discuss his own shooting, but agreeing to be questioned about the October 2002 murder of Jason "Jam Master Jay" Mizell of Run-D.M.C. Investigators were probing whether the legendary DJ was murdered for opposing the "blacklist" of his former protégé 50 Cent, which was reportedly set up by McGriff after he was exposed in 50's single, "Ghetto Qua Ran," [see lyrics] off his shelved 1999 album, Power of a Dollar. The affidavit doesn't reveal what 50 said regarding Jam Master Jay's ki1ling, but it helped fuel rumors that the rapper was a "snitch." In the affidavit, agent Mace wrote that McGriff described 50 as "a talking dry snitcher" in one text message.

McGriff is also charged with ordering the 2001 murder of aspiring rapper Eric "E Money Bags" Smith. Footage featuring the late rapper surfaced as evidence for McGriff's trial. The footage was taken on the day E Money Baggs was murdered and was edited to give it a "G" rating by officials at Brooklyn's Metropolitan Detention Center. The two tapes are presently on file at the federal lockup in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. The defendants, McGriff, Dennis Crosby, and Nicole Brown, charged in the 2001 ki1ling are set to view the edited version in preparation for their trial.

 http://www.sohh.com/thewi .. contentID=7507


 3 years ago '20        #2
Blood Money  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x86
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Woah nah not The Godfather

 3 years ago '15        #3
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 Blood Money said 🔗
Woah nah not The Godfather
nah not 50

prosecutor tried to use this on preme when the case was on

judge threw it out because not only could he not name the fed 50 supposedly told he feared for his life but he couldnt supply one bit of documentation or recording of it ever being said

in short thats what happens when a IRS agent get involved in murder and drug cases. infact i would go as far to say that without those 2 murder inc snitches in the case that IRs agent woulda blew the whole case

 3 years ago '16        #4
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Where is the paper work

 3 years ago '15        #5
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 Wavey said 🔗
Where is the paper work
there is none and with the feds u know there is always paper work or a recording if something has been reported

 3 years ago '04        #6
youngmic  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x6
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thread made: 09-07-2005, 10:15 PM


 3 years ago '06        #7
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op is an idiot

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