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canibus put beanie sigel's career on hold

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 08-16-2005, 01:43 PM         #1
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canibus put beanie sigel's career on hold

this been out for a MINUTE i been meaning to post it... but here it go for all you beanie c0ck-riders

Yo...I thug it wit' you, I slug it wit' you
I had n1ggas runnin' around like ''yeah 'Bis brung it to you''
n1gga i'll punish you
Catch you in the street like what's the issue
Monkey face i'll monkey flip you
I always wanted to dis you
You ugly as a pit bull motherfu#ker i'll rip you
This is where the Broad St. bullyin' stops
My bars of gold bullyin' yours are not
Truth is I never thought your metaphors were hot
You just talk a lot a sh1t cuz your on the Roc'
There's no proof in your ''Truth'' it was a flop
That's why Jigga signed Cam'ron to take your spot
You think you hot cuz you got a little bling or what not
A typical hustler all you do is think about rocks
With a budget like yours you should a sold more
You probably think you were couped n1gga your so wrong
I think Jay fu#ked you go look at your deal
In that black mink you look like a ape for real
If I was blind and I couldn't tell
I'll probably still hear it from a bi#ch that you ugly as hell
For starters the Bentley aint yours it's Shawn Carter's
And if it aint Shawn's its his partners
Your just another ?convict? artist with frog lips
On the Rocafella roster that follows orders, n1gga!
You tryin' too much you lyin' tosl#ts
You too hyped up, spend some more time in the cut
I'll turn my voice up loud so I can tell you was sup
Rhyme for rhyme you was never ready for 'Bus
Your quotables are anecdotical
Your whole crew softer than tofu
Most of y'all don't even know the ''Truth''
If you did then you knew I was a soldier too
Doing what you already sold your souls to do
I'm doing shows and my wrist stays frozen too
But I own my sh1t who owns you?
I should sign to the Roc'
Battle you in the lobby or worldwide plaza make you resign on the spot
Give me that mic' back Mack bi#ch you can't spit
I don't even know why the fu#k Jigga passed you that sh1t
I'll embarra$s you with that sh1t, blast you that quick
Wrap you in plastic and toe-tag you as a Jacker


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