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'The Flash' Director Reveals Major Cameo SPOILER in interview with Variety


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 4 months ago '07        #26
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 1Oh said 🔗
It's a dope scene, I wasn't expecting it so it was nice. They even gave him a short non-consequential action sequence. But the CGI in the Nicholas Cage scenes are kinda jank.

The other major cameos are

It's nice but the halfbaked CGI faces threw me off.

All the scenes while in the Speed Force pocket dimension are kinda jank, but there's a ton of eastereggs in the background of silver age DC characters & stuff that happened throughout the DCEU.

What you read is essentially in the cut coming June 16ths. Nice is fighting a giant spider alien n stuff.

The ending of Flash isn't as consequential as ppl think, unless the after-credits scenes they cut from my screening has some big moment. Barry basically puts the timeline 'almost' back the way it was, by allowing the sequence of events to happen where his mom is murdered. He goes back to his normal timeline, goes to his dad's court appearance, and he's miraculously exonerated for the mom's murder. Barry gets a call from Bruce Wayne, and he's happy to hear his voice. Bruce pulls up in his car, Barry looks at him, and Barry's like "WTF." as if its not the same Bruce, and the movie abruptly ends. They never show new Bruce's face though.

So Barry is still in a alternate timeline, with a different Bruce/Batman at least.
I read itís


 4 months ago '21        #27
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marlon wayans robin*

 4 months ago '05        #28
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 eazyvaboy said 🔗
There's another Cameo.

 shadiboe said 🔗

 4 months ago '10        #29
quan3106  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2
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 1Oh said 🔗
I can't think of any other cameos they could possibly put in the Speed Force scene, they really threw the kitchen sink in my screener. There was def some George Reeves Supes in the background, and my homegirl said she saw Dean Cain Supes. Coulda sworn I saw Adam West Batman scenes in the background. Henry Cavill Supes has appearances in the Speed Force.

My theory on what's in the theatrical cut is maybe the identity of the new Batman that Barry sees coming out of the car. I think it's another legacy Bruce actor, like George Clooney.

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