T.I.- T.I. vs. T.I.P. (2007)

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T.I.- T.I. vs. T.I.P. (2007)


1. Act 1 [Produced by T.I. & Kannon “Caviar” Cross Additional production by Just Blaze]
2. Big sh*t Poppin (Do It) [Produced by Mannie Fresh]
3. Raw [Produced by Lil C]
4. You Know What It Is [Produced by Wyclef Jean]
5. Dope Man (w/ Young Jeezy) [Produced by Mannie Fresh]
6. Watch What You Say to Me (w/ Jay-Z) [Produced by Khao]
7. Hurt (w/ Alphamega & Busta Rhymes) [Produced by Danja]
8. Act 2 [Produced by T.I. & Kannon “Caviar” Cross Additional production by Just Blaze]
9. Help Is Coming [Produced by Just Blaze]
10. My Swag [Produced by Wyclef Jean]
11. We Do This [Produced by The Runners]
12. Show It To Me (w/ Nelly) [Produced by Tony Glavin]
13. Don't You Wanna Be High [Produced by The Runners]
14. Touch Down (w/ Eminem) [Produced by Eminem]
15. Act 3 - The Confrontation [Produced by T.I. & Kannon “Caviar” Cross Additional production by Just Blaze]
16. Tell 'Em I Said That [Produced by Danja]
17. Respect The Hustle [Produced by Danja]
18. My Type [Produced by Keith Mack][/CODE]

One the highly anticipated albums is here. So tell me what you think.image

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