Which Rapper Was All Up In Aubrey O’Day’s French Vanilla Guts??

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Which Rapper Was All Up In Aubrey O’Day’s French Vanilla Guts?


During a pre-recorded interview with Power 105.1′s The Breakfast Club this morning, Aubrey HO’Day admitted what we’ve all pretty much known since Season 2 of Making The Band 3: Aubrey has f*cked a rapper.

She claims it was only one and that contrary to popular belief, it was not Diddy.
Based on Aubrey’s hints – he’s “way finer” than Diddy and a better rapper; he’s “iconic in his own right”; and he is easily identifiable by the region he represents – and rumors and photos we’ve seen and heard in the past, we’ve narrowed Aubrey’s Hip-Hop conquest down to five artists.

Flip through and let us know who you think it was.

Aubrey O'Day formerly of Danity Kane

1. Fabolous

Ok, we’re going to tell you right now that we’re tossing the “way finer than Diddy” qualifier out of the window. Because there’s no accounting for taste. And “way finer than Diddy” implies that Diddy is fine. And we cannot, as a staff, co-sign that.
But back to Fab. He just strikes us as someone with a fondness for trollops. And he’s the only New York rapper not named Jay-Z who gets enough attention consistently for Aubrey to think she could benefit from it. So yeah: Fabolous makes the cut.

2. Game
When you think West Coast rap and Iconic and relevant, you think Snoop Dogg (family guy); Ice Cube (family guy); and Game (flawed family guy).
Game is another one who we somehow see having had dirty, studio-bathroom s*x with Aubrey at some point. We figure as a Cali boy, he probably has a lowkey penchant for blondes and this one – at the time of their tryst – was in an R&B pop group, which somehow made it more acceptable.

3. Gucci Mane
Because of this
 right here. We believe there’s no smoke without fire. And because saying someone is a “better rapper than Diddy” doesn’t really mean much, since we don’t really know what kind of raps Sean Combs writes on his own anyway.

4. Wale
The way we see this scenario having gone down, Aubrey figured Wale was just unknown enough for no one to notice their affair if it were to continue beyond their “late night creep”. Then he did a song with Lady Gaga on the hook. And realized he had access to better white broads.

5. Lupe Fiasco
Again, we can’t quite tell you why, but we can see this as a possibility. Just because no one would EVER think to even mention Wasalu and Aubrey in the same sentence. But they had to have been in the same elevator at Atlantic Records at least once between 2006 and 2008, when Lupe’s first two albums and Danity Kane’s only two albums dropped.

Honorable Mention
Kanye West – another rapper with a proven penchant for trollops and attention wh*res, who would’ve smashed just because Aubrey told him she’d never been with another rapper.
Plus, the
 New York Post said it happened. And when it comes to Black celebs, the New York Post
 knows its stuff.

And then of course, there’s Diddy. Because we STILL don’t believe all of that s*xual tension and season two talkback action was just made for T.V. Aubrey got let go from Danity Kane because there was no other way to wean her off of Diddy’s furry wall.

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