Jun 11 - NY Would Become First State To Fully Decriminalize Sex Work Under New Bill

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Jun 11 - NY Would Become First State To Fully Decriminalize s*x Work Under New Bill

NEW YORK — A new bill introduced to state lawmakers Monday seeks to fully legalize s*x work and eliminate prior criminal records related to most s*x work charges. If passed, it would make New York the first state to fully decriminalize s*x work.

The bill was introduced in the New York Senate by Senators Jessica Ramos and Julia Salazar, while advocacy group Decrim NY, who helped write the bill, introduced the legislation at the New York State a*sembly.

If passed, the legislation would make it legal to both sell and buy s*x under specific circumstances. The legislation would also regulate the actual places where prostitution takes place, in an effort to regulate s*x work and make working conditions for s*x workers safer.

Supporters spoke out in favor of the bill Monday, saying, "We are trying to change the lives of many New Yorkers that historically have been criminalized for using their bodies to survive."

Under the bill, many misdemeanor charges related to prostitution would be repealed, however not all. Prostitution in a school zone, for example, would remain a misdemeanor offense.

The progressive bill does not, however, propose changes to the penal code sections related to outlawing s*x trafficking and those offenses related to minors. These type of instances would still be illegal if the bill passes.

The bill is the first statewide bill of its kind in the nation, the group said Monday.

Decrim NY is a coalition to “decriminalize, decarcerate and destigmatize the s*x trade in New York City and state,"

visit this link https://pix11.com/2019/06 .. nder-new-bill/

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Moving back to New York this year, and Imma get my plan for a wh*re house together.

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I support. When legal it forces legal establishments to be made, it gives women a CHOICE.

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Imma fu*k 100 btches with no rubber

[video - click to view]

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All the paying to play thots moving to NY of this happens

Knicks lawst

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Man, fu*k this hoes.

How you making selling pu**y legal before weed??




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